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Soul Blade 2 International Service Beta

Soul Blade 2 International Service Beta

  • size: 401.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v0.
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-26 15:24:16


Soul Blade 2 international beta is a very hardcore action game, now the international service has begun the beta, players will have to operate a warrior in this majestic game world, start a difficult battle, the game has absorbed a lot of soul game features, and add a lot of innovative elements, like this theme players rush to download the experience!


Soul Blade 2 game introduction

"I have stood on the lake of dormancy and prayed for the proverb of rebirth.

What thou askest, thou shalt be promised.

But give the price, as the kings of the past generations have inherited."

Soul Calibur 2 is a 3D hardcore action game and a proper sequel to the "Soul Calibur series". Players will take on the role of the painful, sad, ordinary, but great heroes of mythology, adventuring through the vast and mysterious Norse kingdoms, fighting against the "sacrificers" who have lost their "destiny" and embarking on a journey of self-redemption.

The story takes place before the twilight of the gods, when the Norse countries are surging with unknown undercurrents. Odin, the omniscient king of the gods, starts a war to seize the spirits; Loki, the long-plotted evil god, quietly appears from the deep darkness. Destiny challenger Kaos, the awakened Valkyrie Esther, the banished goddess of the underworld Hela, dragon slayer Siegfried. Each with different goals, in this dark era, the prologue of the twilight of the gods is opened.

Soul Blade 2 international service advantage
Before this game's national service on the tap is a very short period of time to delete the internal test, many players may not experience, now you can experience the game through the international service.

In addition to the language is not Simplified Chinese accident, other than the international service is basically the same, with the latest version, and is also no network can play directly.

In addition, unlike the national service has a lot of harmonious content, can open the option of violence screen display, which is also very good.


Soul Blade 2 game features

Perspective is very variable, allowing players to see every corner of the world without dead ends.

Designed a variety of different bosses and small monsters, each with its own characteristics, very interesting.

There are very many animations made so that players can see the world wonderfully and feel the wonder of this world.

Soul Blade 2 game highlights

Challenging the spirit of the divine dragon, dueling the laws of heaven and earth, fighting in the midst of the rivers and lakes, forming a powerful war party, this is a magic city of fighting.
Under the call of the Son of God, the magic warriors form a powerful magic war team and join a war to defend their dignity.
With the incomparable power of the artifact in his hands, led the little soldier conquered the sands and opened a road of revenge.


Soul Blade 2 Editorial Review

Soul Blade 2 this game I like very much, as a class soul enthusiast, like this kind of high difficulty game, in the overcome the difficult level after a very sense of achievement, here is also very recommended to experience this fun game, I hope you all can like !


  • Soul Blade 2 International Service Beta
  • Soul Blade 2 International Service Beta
  • Soul Blade 2 International Service Beta