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King of Fighters 97 infinite must kill stand-alone version

King of Fighters 97 infinite must kill stand-alone version

  • size: 73.90M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.5
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-23 10:59:39


The King of Fighters 97 unlimited must kill standalone version is a very classic arcade game, now players on the phone can easily feel the joy of the battle, I brought players the latest crack version, to get unlimited must kill technology here, absolutely very fast, there are many options to customize the modification, like this classic game players must not miss it!


The King of Fighters 97 Unlimited Must Kill Stand Alone Edition Game Description

1, this game has unlocked all the characters in the king of boxing 97, players can directly use, also contains hidden tasks, detailed hidden characters list see below.

2, comes with a modifier, players can get infinite must kill, infinite time, infinite snake and other play, according to their preferences to open.

3, this version is a single mode, players can and computer AI to play against, but note that this version neutered the function of network battles.

The King of Fighters 97 Infinite Must Kill Stand Alone Edition Game Highlights

1. Choose your favorite character, there are numerous players to choose from, you can see dozens of available characters at the top, including the Legend of the Hungry Wolf and others;

2. In the lower right corner there are 6 buttons, restoring the use of the handle and arcade game hall operation, players can use the rub move way to let the character release the kill technique move;

3. You can also use the LAN Bluetooth online to play against friends, no one picked a character, and then start a 1-minute fair fight to see who is more powerful.

King of Fighters 97 game features

1. Players can directly experience the choice of Kusanagi Kyo and other famous powerful characters, but also can choose the hidden role of the storm model, which requires step by step to improve the strength of the trigger bottleneck to unlock the new role;

2. In the fight everyone will have an initial energy bar and life value, who's life reaches 0 or a limited time is lower will fail, players can do defense or output opponents with stronger offense;

3. You can enjoy the classic treatment of pixel painting style, the duel is fair and open, you can use several games of dueling, 2D dueling on the horizontal screen, horizontal bar, crouch, defense and release skills and must kill technical moves need to be rubbed out by the player;

4. Tense duel, in 1 minute to decide the winner, when the physical value reaches a minimum can be unlimited release of sure-kill techniques, enjoy the exciting fighting fun, the more low blood counters the higher the probability, be sure to beware of opponents.

The King of Fighters 97 infinite must-kill stand-alone version of the hidden characters

Stampede Yashinan: Yashinan angry state, fire red clothes, speed attack increased substantially, in a state of madness Yashinan is definitely the nightmare of other players.

Stampede Liana: bloodthirsty state of Liana, has a very fast speed and variable moves, the original work in the final technique can drain the enemy half of the blood.

Big snake: the ultimate BOSS, the original is in the final debut, once countless players were its tragic abuse, big snake's classic moves sunlight and black tiger hollow heart is still sharp.

Big snake team: the original penultimate team BOSS, a red suit, attack power and combat power beyond the usual, is a more difficult team role.

King of fighters 97 move list
Kusaka Kyo

External style - boom axe Yang: → + B

External style - nail fall: (jump in) ↓ + C

Eighty-eight style: ↘ + D

Hundred styles - ghost burning: →↓↘+A or C

Seven Hundred Seventh Form - Dokuratou: ←↓↙+B or D

Two Hundred and Twenty-two Styles - Kintetsuyo: →↘↓↙←+B or D

Seven Hundred and Fifty-Form Change: ↓↘→B+B or D+D

One Hundred Fourteen Styles - Desolate Bite: ↓↘→+A

One Hundred Twenty-eight Styles - Nine Wounds: ↓↘→+A or C during Arachibite action

One Hundred Twenty-seventh Style - Hachibana: →↘↓↙←+A or C during the Arable Bite action A or C during the Arable Bite→Nine Wounds action

Hundred and Twenty-Five Styles - Nanase: Arabside Bite → B or D in the Nine Wounds action

External Style - Masonry Piercing: Arachibite → A or C in the YOH action

Hundred and fifteenth style - poison bite: ↓↘→+C

Four Hundred One Style - Sin Wing: →↘↓↙←+A or C in the Poison Bite action

Four Hundred Two Styles - Punishment Wing: →A or C during the Sin Wing action

900-10 Styles - Tsurugi (Outer Form + Tiger Fury/Ryu Shot): ↓↙←+A or C

*Sato Hyakugan - Orochi Pheasant: ↓↙←↙↓↘→+A or C

*Final Duel Aura - No Style: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C

Niseido Red Pill

Spinning Knee Drop: (Air Throw) ↑ other than +C or D

Jack knife kick: →+B

Flying technique: (in jumping)↓+D

Thunder Tough Fist: ↓↘→+A or C

Aerial Raikouken:(While jumping)↓↘→+A or C

Vacuum Katakoma: ↓↙←+A or C

Super Lightning Kick:→↓↘+B or D

Jyujuju: ↓↘→+B or D

Reactive Three-dimensional Cu: →↘↓↙←+B or D

Red Pill Throw: (Close up)→↘↓↙←→+A or C

*Raikouken: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C

*Daikenjin: (Close up)→↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←+A or C

King of Fighters 97 Editorial Review

King of Fighters 97 is a game that really brings back the memories of my childhood in the arcade.


  • King of Fighters 97 infinite must kill stand-alone version
  • King of Fighters 97 infinite must kill stand-alone version