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Tencent start cloud game

Tencent start cloud game

  • size: 26.30M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.10.200
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-21 10:57:31


Tencent start cloud game, a cloud game platform that allows you to play lol on your phone Play an exciting and exciting 5V5 on your mobile phone.

Tencent start cloud game

Introduction to Tencent start cloud game (playing lol)
Here you can experience all kinds of smashing and smashing, and the feeling of playing on your mobile phone.

You can play with a network, and you can turn on your mobile phone to play a canyon battle anytime, anywhere.

The operation is very convenient and the keys are exactly the same as the terminal game, which makes you play more smoothly.

Tencent start cloud game advantage
【Cloud games, black technology】

No game configuration requirements, low-end mobile phones become high-end game handhelds in seconds, and you can play popular masterpieces! Happy gaming, all in control!

【Click and play, more convenient】

The game is free to download, install, and update! Anytime, anywhere, 1s to start the game experience! Fun, I want it now!

[**Interaction, new gameplay]

Build a game room and share your gaming experience with your friends in real time**! The innovative exchange game operation ability allows you to interact with various game masters and explore more novel ways to play!

【Free game with benefits】

Unlimited access to free cloud game experience, massive genuine games to enjoy, unlimited firepower for exciting prize-winning activities, and fancy red envelopes to be broadcast every day! Play now, your happiness is contracted by me, bring your friends and come!

The latest strong hero recommendation of the League of Legends

one. The stone man and the big bug bear the brunt

In this season's version, for the modification of Sun Yan's equipment, the tank becomes stronger and stronger. I believe that friends who love to watch ** will know that many players have invented the mid-single Sun Yan's gameplay routine, which can resist and fight. It can also run, and its real status has improved a lot for stones and bugs.

two. Aoun

The half-meat is still very meaty. As mentioned above, the strengthening of the Sunflame Cloak has turned many characters around, so for Aoun, a character who can forge and upgrade equipment, it is also a strong group, giving friends another choice. sex.

mid lane

1. The editor first recommends the three-eyed Victor, a really strong mage in the new version; this pit can evolve all of its own skills in about 18 minutes, and the headwind can also do it within 25 minutes. I believe that the little friends are more powerful, and they don't need to evolve equipment. The fact that 1 Q with unlimited firepower recently got 1 head is here, which is really cool.

2. Akali, who produced "Canyon Maker", as an old character in the game of League of Legends, in order to cater to the majority of players without being politely weakened, this character was redone twice. In the current version, the blood-sucking and damage are superimposed as a passive Akali, and the endurance ability has been strengthened in the early stage. After the equipment "Devil's Embrace" is equipped in the middle and late stage, it can also be harvested to the fullest.


Since this pit seldom plays as a jungler, we can only learn by watching ** often. This pit recommends mantis! Reason for making the list: In this version, the "curtain blade" is a very powerful piece of equipment. Once you get a human head, you will have stealth blessings. In addition, the mantis comes with its own stealth. Harvesting the human head can be done without anyone knowing it. It's not too cool.

Archer and Support

one. I believe that everyone knows that the revised version of Huo Nan has become the best choice for support, and some people are even banned from ranking. The ability to press the line is strong, and the damage burst is high; a "Devil's Embrace" makes an outstanding contribution to the later team battles.

two. As for the shooter, of course, Samira or ap mouse, the current version of Samira has also strengthened a bit, refreshed the R skill to make explosion damage in team battles, and the "immortal bow shield" is the gospel of all shooters, practice more operations, The five kills are just around the corner.

three. As for the ap mouse, we directly choose the "cluster blade", the greedy hunter allows the mouse to have battery life in the early stage, and the accelerated movement of the night reaper allows players to advance and retreat freely whether they are chasing or fleeing.

Tencent start cloud game player reviews
Tencent start cloud game is a very practical cloud game platform, this cloud game platform can realize the dream of playing terminal games on mobile phones. You can also come to a lol anytime, anywhere, and your friends are always passionate about black.


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