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Tencent start cloud game Android version

Tencent start cloud game Android version

  • size: 26.28M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.10.200
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-19 09:40:42


Tencent start cloud game Android version is a cloud game produced by Tencent, a software platform for cloud computers. Players can download this cloud game platform on their mobile phones, and they can also experience various computer and cloud game experiences on their mobile phones. You can play the latest version 11.6 of TFT, please download and play on your mobile phone.

Tencent start cloud game Android version

Tencent start cloud game introduction
This cloud game is very convenient, allowing you to play various computer games on your phone.

There are also many Tencent games that can be experienced, whether it is a terminal game or a mobile game.

The new server makes the network speed more smooth, and maybe a separate app will be launched in the future.

Tencent start cloud game advantage
--- With an external keyboard, the mobile phone becomes a high-end computer!

--- Virtual buttons, computer games become mobile games, play while walking!

--- Gamepad, the ultimate experience of 3A masterpieces, you can have it now!

--- No configuration requirements, low-end Android machines can play cloud PC games and 3A masterpieces massive cloud games, making you a chicken king!

--- Provide free experience time every day, ultra-low latency experience!

Tencent start cloud game Android version

TFT version 11.6 lineup recommendation

[1] Tomorrow God of War Tribulation

Lineup: Teemo, Cat, Zed, Kindred, Bright Moon, Samira, Ornn, Yone, Time

Zed's attack power steal is increased by 30% at all levels, and Zed is an unpopular lineup in patch 11.5. Although not particularly strong, Solo Zed is still a very good top-scoring lineup. Since Zed was doing well in 11.5, it's still a popular top-scoring lineup after being buffed in 11.6. Therefore, it would be good if you can get artillery and robbery to play robbery.

One thing to note is that Zed's equipment is highly overlapped with the angel's, both require artillery + a recurve bow, so if you don't have artillery, it is recommended not to play Zed.

[2] Jade Sword Destroyer Sect

Lineup: Dog Head, Feng Nu, Dao Mei, Morgana, Shen, Male Dao, Crow, Yone

The men's sword has been strengthened again in the new version. First of all, the men's sword has not been weakened in the 11.4&11.5 version, and it is still a popular lineup. This change strengthens the initial attack of the men's sword and the damage of the 2-star men's sword, which improves the lineup strength for the Yujian men's sword lineup. The new version is a very good choice.

Well, regarding the changes in the new version, Xiaohi will mainly promote these two unpopular top lineups, which are strengthened in the new version. At the same time, Xiaohi also summarized the 11.6 version's top-scoring lineup rankings. The rankings are the best strategy to help you clearly understand which lineup is the strongest in the version, especially some unpopular strong lineups that are most suitable for diamonds. Used by the master to cross the robbery.

This version has not changed much from the previous version, and there are not many games that can be played in the 1-feaka dog lineup. The two lineups of Leopard Girl and Xiaopao. And the 2-fee card betting dog lineup currently only has one lineup from Zed on the list due to the enhancement of Zed.

The new version of the lineup is mainly based on gambling 3-fee cards and operating 4-fee cards. The three main T0 lineups in the version are: Nine and Three Kingdoms War Marksman, Zong Secret Judgment Angel, and Reloaded Marksman Lineup.

These three lineups are also the three sets of T0 top lineups in the 11.5 version. In addition to the nine-three Kingdoms God of War, which has higher requirements for the lineup, the other two lineups are relatively easier to form.

Tencent start cloud game Android version

[3] God of War in the Nine and Three Kingdoms

After the 11.5 version update, the high bond has been weakened to a certain extent, so in the high bond lineup, only the Jiu Sanguo family stands out. However, the gameplay of Nine Three Kingdoms is also very different from before. The core collocation of the new version of Nine Three Kingdoms is no longer based on 3-star Carter and Seti.

Instead, I chose the gameplay of the Leopard Girl as the main C in the early stage, and the Three Kingdoms Samira of the Three Gods of War as the main C in the later stage. The lineup operation is the same as the previous betting on the Three Kingdoms Leopard Girls, but the Three Kingdoms Leopard Girls must be chosen by heaven, so that the Nine Three Kingdoms lineup can be formed later. And this lineup is still recommended for everyone to play with the Leopard Girl as the core. The idea of ​​​​using a 3-star Carter to transition is not recommended to use this lineup.

[4] Grandmaster Judgment Angel

Zong Secret Judgment Angel, this lineup once again topped the top spot due to the weakening of the Dragon King. Maybe a lot of water friends also found a problem, the equipment of the 11.5 version of the big sword suddenly no one grabbed it, but the number of people who started with the recurve bow greatly increased.

That's right, in the 11.5 version, this angel lineup that doesn't eat shovels and doesn't eat heaven's choice has resolutely become the first choice for major segmented operation lineups. However, the equipment requirements for this lineup are too high, and the recurve bow is a popular equipment, so it is recommended that you consider it only when you have a recurve bow.

[5] Heavy Secret Shooting Sivir

The last set of T0 lineup is also a top-scoring lineup that does not require a shovel - heavy secret sharp shot Sivir, referred to as heavy shot. Reshooting this lineup is even simpler, as long as one day chooses the fetters of sharpshooting, you can play.

The heavy shot is strong. This lineup has nothing to defeat the lineup, and Sivir is very restrained by the angels. 4 Sivir, who is bound by sharpshooting, can easily hit the angel. Why is the Angel lineup strong? The most fundamental reason is that no one can hit the Angel standing in the corner, but Sivir's wheel ejection is just enough to hit the Angel.

Especially in the case of exclusive Sivir, chasing out 3-star Sivir will greatly increase the chicken-eating rate in the later stage. Because of the weakening of Dragon King, Sivir doesn't have to be too afraid of a high-burst lineup like Dragon King. The overall environment is relatively good, and the exclusive Sivir is really a conscience recommendation!

[6] Nine Crimson Galio

I warmly recommend a top-scoring lineup comparable to T0. It is the god of low-scoring – Nine Crimson Galio.

Nine Crimson Galio is the most mindless lineup. The reason why the version is strong is because the weakening of the betting dog lineup makes the Crimson lineup still in a very strong and strong period in the 3rd and 4th stages. And in the later stage, the Blood Red lineup only needs to catch up to 3-star Sivir, then the overall lineup is not weaker than some great lineups.

If you say that everyone is a sub-slave and hope to be able to get a master rank at the end of the S4.5 version, Blood Red is definitely the best lineup in the version, there is no one!Tencent start cloud game Android version

Gambler lineup:

1 fee card:

Leopard Girl (Going Nine and Three Kingdoms God of War)——T0

Small Cannon (Reloaded Marksman Small Cannon) - T1

2 fee card:

Jie (Tomorrow's God of War) - T1

3 fee card:

Sivir (Heavy Secret Shooting Sivir) - T0

Nunu, Dragon Girl (Eight Fighters) - T1

Kenan (Six Aegis bet on Kenan) - T1

Carter (Nine Three Kingdoms) - T1

Kalista (Six Duels 3 Grandmasters) - T1

Operating lineup:

Nine Bloody Red Soul - T0

Angel (Secret Judgment Angel) - T0

Dragon King (Seven Dharma Dragon King) - T1

Barbarian King (reloaded Ares Barbarian King) - T1

Olaf (Titan Olaf) - T1

Morgana, Male Sword (Jade Sword Destroyer Sect) - T1

Tencent start cloud game user reviews
Tencent start cloud game is a very practical cloud game platform software, you can play various games on the computer, and it is one of the cloud games with better network speed that I have ever seen.


  • Tencent start cloud game Android version
  • Tencent start cloud game Android version
  • Tencent start cloud game Android version