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Sakura Box

Sakura Box

  • size: 146.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.138.28
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 09:33:58


Sakura Box is an auxiliary tool specially created for Sakura Campus Simulator. Xiaobian brings you the latest version here, which is compatible with any version of Sakura Campus game. Players can use this software to make their games more It is full of fun, and it can also bring players a lot of costumes that are not available in the game. If you like it, come and experience it!

Sakura Box

Features of Sakura Box Software
1. Some information about the game will also be provided, such as where to complete the corresponding task;

2. The box also provides a convenient task display function, the task automatically finds its way, and easily completes all challenging tasks;

3. The built-in modification parameters can be selected arbitrarily. This box also helps users unlock the ultra-sharp image quality with one key.

Sakura Box Software Highlights
1. The latest resources of the game are built in, and the Chinese version of the Sakura Campus Simulator can be downloaded directly;

2. There is a built-in modifier function in the game, and you can use the invincible and other functions by using the modification menu;

3. Many novel clothes can be worn for free, and auxiliary functions such as wayfinding are also provided;

4. This version is completely free, you can use it directly by opening the box, without spending a penny.

Advantages of Sakura Box Software
The most important thing about this software is to bring players a lot of different interesting game experiences, which is very good and greatly optimizes the players' experience in the game.

The operation is very convenient, and it can also open the in-game overlay, which is still very good, and the game can be easily modified during the game.

There are really many types of clothing, and players can even make self-made clothing in the game, which can bring players a lot of content that the game itself does not have.

Sakura Box Xiaobian Review
The software of Sakura Box makes the game of Sakura Campus even better. Players who think the game itself has too little content must not miss this auxiliary software, which can bring you a lot of fun. The editor is here Highly recommend everyone to experience it!


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