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Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

  • size: 21.77M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.8.8
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 09:07:22


Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses is a very practical cloud computer software that allows you to simulate HP cloud computer games on your mobile phone, allowing you to play various end games on your mobile phone. This game version also allows you to Play the genuine Ghost Valley and Eight Wilds, and experience the feeling of playing Ghost Valley and Eight Wilds on your mobile phone.

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Introduction to Jiyun Puhui Cloud Computer

This software can give you a very practical cloud gaming experience.

Let you experience the feeling of playing terminal games in this software.

It is very simple to operate Guigu Bahuang on the mobile phone, and the virtual keyboard can be set casually.

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Features of Jiyun Prahui Cloud Computer Mobile Version

Jiyun Puhui cloud computer makes the mobile phone become the computer APP in seconds!

Download the APP to "install" the high-end computer into the mobile phone, play PC games on the mobile phone, and have an online office in the cloud!

I hope we can provide some help and convenience for the little cuties who need to use the computer urgently!

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Features of Jiyun Puhui Cloud Computer

[Portable] It can be used with "installation", and it can be reached with one "touch", and you can log in with mobile phone/tablet and other devices to become a computer in seconds! Let the computer go with you!

[Performance] Cloud high-end service, eating chicken (I7 processor RTX 2070 graphics card) computer configuration allows you to operate faster!

[Function] Mobile office, professional design, image processing, large-scale computer games... Easily handle various computer tasks on your mobile phone!

[Services] Provide free accelerators for various games, preset game simulation buttons for various end games, turn end games into mobile games, and enjoy a smooth experience at your fingertips!

[Expansion] Support wired/wireless keyboard and mouse link to make computer operation more smooth and familiar!

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Guigu Eight Wilderness Novices Start Guide

enter the game.

Newcomers suggest that the first choice is to practice swordsmanship, with fast attack speed and long hands.

Here we create a file from scratch. The idea is: as high a swordsmanship aptitude as possible, and as high a comprehension as possible. Don't pursue 3 red starts, don't pursue perfection.

Since only the Pisces pendant is open at this stage, there is no choice, just it.

According to the plot, there is bound to be a Thunder Dragon who seriously injured two people and fell to the ground, allowing you to choose to rescue or kill. For maximum benefit, we choose to observe this person first.

What you need to see is the ↓ frame selection part of the picture below. If you rescue the other party, you will be given a recommendation letter from the sect. The purpose of this thing is to open a map for you, you will know where the sect is, and you can use the letter of recommendation to skip the waiting time directly for the sect competition.

This file is sword repair, so what you are looking for is the martial art of swords. Those with Xuan or Hong in the name of the sect belong to the sect of swordsmanship, and we need to join the sect very much.

Because the sword spirit fruit exchanged in the sect Jubaoxianlou can increase the aptitude for swordsmanship.

You can exchange skill books in the sect Tibetan Sutra Pavilion. It is refreshed every year. is a stable source of the red book.

If neither of them are from the sword cultivating sect, they can choose to save or kill as they wish. If you kill it, you will get items from the opponent. Generally, it is a white or green or blue skill book (not necessarily available), and some medicines (must be available).

Next, follow the plot to the first town. On the way, you will encounter a cave, you can enter it, you can beat it completely, and you will explode a lot of medicines and a purple storage ring.

After arriving at the town, follow the prompts to increase your cultivation base, and find that there is no Qi Gathering Pill that breaks through your cultivation. When you are trying to find a way, a mysterious person jumps out on the road to induce you to buy 400 Qi Gathering Pills. You can choose not to buy it, you can buy it in the store after returning to the town for only 300.

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

How to have children in the Eight Wildernesses of Ghost Valley

1. At present, there is no childbirth function in the game, that is, players can get married and become a Taoist partner in the game, but the function of childbirth still needs to be experienced after the game is installed.

2. However, I believe that the function of giving birth, if it can pass the review, will not be available for a long time; after all, this function itself is not very difficult to design, and players also have such needs.

In the Eight Wildernesses of the Ghost Valley, you can form a Taoist companion if you have a good opinion of two stars or more, and you can send treasures by quickly increasing your goodwill, such as sending aura beads, precious exercises, favorite mood items, etc., generally red items are used as excellent. In addition, high charm, chatting, understanding according to character, learning from each other, and then she will chase you by herself.

wedding trigger method

Chat, discuss, discuss.

The strengths of the two sides should not be too different in discussing the Tao and discussing.

After two hearts, crazy double cultivation will do.

The three hearts directly form a bond - a partner.

After the partner, it is very good to get married.

Improve your charisma. The higher your charisma, the faster others will improve your favorability. For example, if you do one thing, others will only increase your favorability by five points. If your charm is high, then It will add ten points.

After the favorability is full, we can find this npc, click on double cultivation, and we can become a Taoist companion.

Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses

Extreme Cloud Pratt & Whitney Cloud Computer (Play Ghost Valley and Eight Wilderness) mobile version reviews

The mobile version of Jiyun Puhui cloud computer (playing ghost valley and eight wastes) is really very convenient. It can give us very convenient functions. It can also simulate cloud computer on the mobile phone, and play the ghost valley and eight wastes. Yes, keep playing on your phone.


  • Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses
  • Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses
  • Ghost Valley and Eight Wildernesses