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gba emulator android online version

gba emulator android online version

  • size: 1.04M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.7.0.2
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 14:05:15


The gba emulator Android online version is a software that allows players to easily play GBA games on their mobile phones. Xiaobian brings you the latest 2021 version here. This software is powerful and ultra-small, only 1 megabyte. It is compatible with the latest Android 10 system, there will be no flashback, and players can use it with confidence.

gba simulator software introduction
1. High-level bios simulation does not require any additional file support;

2. Good compatibility to run all kinds of gba games perfectly;

3. Convenient system settings for a better gaming experience;

gba simulator software advantages
- Record soundtrack midi files.

- Play with your physical keyboard, touch screen, or accelerometer.

- Specifically optimized for android devices, using arm assembly, running at the maximum possible speed.

- Full screen landscape and portrait mode emulation with simulated scanlines and blurred display options.

- Save the game at any point and come back to this once your character is killed.

- Special buttons for xperia playback support.

Highlights of gba emulator android online version
The new version not only improves the efficiency of the software during simulation, but also adds a very easy-to-use local area network online gameplay.

Players connect their mobile phones through mobile phone hotspots, and then set online options in the software to simulate GBA's face-to-face plug-in simulation.

The network connection function is under development and cannot be used temporarily. The current version is very sufficient to be able to connect face-to-face.

Features of gba emulator software
Clean and simple, well-designed user interface. Seamless integration with latest android.

Create and switch to a different key mapping profile.

Fast forward skipping long stories while slowing down the game so you can't reach normal speed.

Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from your desktop.

Fastest emulation, thus saving your battery to the max.

Very high game compatibility. Almost all games work without problems.

Connect the cable emulation on the same device, or connect the device via bluetooth or wi-fi.

Gyro/Tilt/Solar sensors and rumble emulation.

Enter gamesark/actuorepoo/cedebug cheat codes while the game is running and enable/disable them in the game.

High level bios emulation. No bios file is required.

ips/upsrom patching

opengl rendering backend, as well as normal rendering on devices without gpu.

Cool video filters via glsl shader support.

On-screen keyboard (android 2 or higher required for multi-touch), and shortcut buttons like load/save.

A very powerful screen layout editor with which you can define the position and size of each on-screen control and game video.

External controller support, such as moga controllers.

There are no games in this app, you need to get your games in a legal way. Put them on the sd card and browse them from within the app.

gba simulator editor evaluation
The gba simulator software editor has been using it all the time. As a lover of old games, all kinds of simulators are really indispensable. After all, how much does it cost to buy such a bunch of game consoles? With this GBA Simulator, you can play Pokemon Ruby on your phone anytime, anywhere, it's still very good!


  • gba emulator android online version
  • gba emulator android online version
  • gba emulator android online version