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King glory cloud game picture quality assistant

King glory cloud game picture quality assistant

  • size: 6.21M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.16
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 10:08:34


The Honor of Kings Cloud Game Image Quality Assistant is a software that can enrich your experience of the Honor of Kings cloud game. The image quality assistant can help you easily improve the image quality of your Honor of Kings cloud game. It is specially optimized for the cloud game version. Let your mobile phone performance and gaming experience fly.

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Introduction to King of Glory Cloud Game Image Quality Assistant
This is a software specially optimized for the King of Glory cloud game app.

The ad-free experience will make you fall in love with this easy-to-use, affordable picture quality assistant.

If you are still worried about the picture quality of the cloud game version, then hurry up and use this software.

Advantages of King of Glory cloud game image quality assistant
Small volume, powerful function, simple and beautiful interface.

Simple and clear No ads, no payment mechanism, green software.

The function of this software is very powerful, there are a variety of very powerful picture quality modification functions one-click application.

The operation is very simple, you only need to select your model, and various very detailed data can be set directly.

The most powerful heroes of King Glory 2021

The monkey hero ranks second in the ranking. Players who have played monkey know this problem. Monkey is a hero with its own critical strike rate, and the critical strike will be hit high with the release of the skill output. damage, so the critical damage of each stick of the monkey is different.

Of course, the difference in crit will also continue to change and strengthen with the continuous improvement of the level and the configuration of the equipment. If you want to better trigger the crit of the monkey, you must master the timing and equipment of the skill release. A set of monkey skills can be used to play Three sticks, each stick will have a crit effect for the monkey, and the crit damage will be different.

Therefore, when the monkey faces the crispy skin, he can easily win it. When facing the meatier heroes, he needs to release three sticks together. He must not keep a skill and have other ideas. If you want to win, you must deal damage to the whole body of the monkey to win. .


The hero Daji ranks third. Daji's outstanding ability lies in the ability to wear magic, so when the opponent chooses more tanks, it is the best choice to choose a hero with higher damage. Daji's players know that the combo of Daji's one, two, and three skills should not be underestimated.

Moreover, the hero Daji has the skill of control, which provides a great help for Daji to help teammates and team battles. Not only that, Daji is actually a hero who is more suitable for roaming, relying on control and big moves. Skill, the opponent must be unable to resist this kind of damage directly.

Sun Shangxiang

Sun Shangxiang's archer hero ranks fourth. The reason why Sun Shangxiang can be in the top 5 is the terrible burst damage. Everyone can understand this. Players who have watched Sun Shangxiang's video have seen it, Sun Shangxiang's crit inscription, crit equipment and Ming Shiyin Auxiliary, the combination of this set can make Sun Shangxiang not afraid of the heroes who face the flesh.

Sun Shangxiang has the advantage of using a set of equipment to use skills to strengthen attacks, and using the two-one skills in a row makes Sun Shangxiang's crit hit the highest point, enough to take down the entire opposing team of allies.

Hou Yi

The hero of Hou Yi is ranked fifth, and it is not an exaggeration for Hou Yi to be ranked fifth, because Hou Yi's attack speed is the highest, and Hou Yi itself has the passive ability to increase attack speed, allowing Hou Yi to output attack speed in the early stage. It can be greatly improved, and the development ability is faster than other heroes. It is Hou Yi's strength in clearing soldiers and pushing towers. In the later stage, a lot of crit equipment is not allowed. You can choose six pieces of attack speed equipment or one or two pieces. The attack equipment is sufficient, Hou Yi, the hero, has a strong output in the late stage, and the output flow is Hou Yi. Before the opponent is close to attacking Hou Yi, he can take down the opposing hero early, and he himself does not suffer damage.

Diao Chan

Diaochan's Mage Hero ranks first. Diaochan is a veritable number one. Players who know Diaochan know that in the version update, Diaochan has not been greatly reduced, but the damage has always been so damaging. Even if Diaochan is weakened, it is still blocked. Can't beat the rhythm of Diaochan's one show five.

Diaochan's first big move is to reduce the cooldown time. The second skill will shorten the cooldown time of the skill after hitting the opposing hero, and the big move is strengthened for this skill, so that the cooldown time of the second skill reaches 2 seconds, so Diaochan only needs to move well. , is the easiest to use, and the damage is still hitting the enemy constantly. In the eyes of many players, Diaochan is the most capable hero.

King of Glory cloud game picture quality assistant review
After using the King of Glory cloud game image quality assistant, you will fall in love with this software, which makes your cloud game experience more extreme, with better image quality, faster network, mobile phone does not get hot, and you can play more games at the same time. Task.


  • King glory cloud game picture quality assistant
  • King glory cloud game picture quality assistant
  • King glory cloud game picture quality assistant
  • King glory cloud game picture quality assistant
  • King glory cloud game picture quality assistant