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Yowa cloud game mobile version

Yowa cloud game mobile version

  • size: 47.82M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.6.9
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 14:37:24


yowa cloud game (play CSGO) mobile version is a very fun and practical cloud game platform software, which allows you to easily play various games, CSGO is no exception, in this game, you click to start a game. Play CSGO and experience the exciting shooting that Counter-Strike Global Offensive brings to you.

Yowa cloud game mobile version

yowa cloud game (play CSGO) mobile version online play instructions

Friends who want to play online directly can click here >>>>>>>>>>yowa cloud game-CSGO

Introduction of yowa cloud game mobile version
It is a software that can realize RushB on mobile phones.

There are also many cloud games that can be played without downloading.

Come and enjoy a variety of shooting arts, there is still time waiting for you to claim.

Yowa cloud game mobile version

Advantages of yowa cloud game (play CSGO) mobile version
Play computer games on mobile phones and look for YOWA cloud games.

The game is free to download and install, just one click to play.

3A masterpiece, super popular mobile game, you can play whatever you want.

How to play CSGO newbies
1. Marksmanship practice (download the bot training map in the steam workshop) Marksmanship is the most basic thing in fps shooting games. The easiest and most practical ones to understand when you are just getting started are the single-point aiming head and the gun-splashing water. First, let’s talk about single-point aiming. Head, pay attention! In addition to the sniper rifle in the long gun, only the AK and SG553 can do one shot in seconds when there is a helmet. Other long guns need to point two gun heads when facing a full blood helmet. Mirror guns (sg553 and aug) develop the habit as long as you open the mirror and aim at the head, and use the long gun aiming head in the gun practice map to practice with a single point or two bursts

Next, let’s talk about spraying water on the pressure gun. First of all, you need to understand the ballistic feel of each gun. (You can choose to download the pressure gun practice map in the creative workshop, or you can press the gun practice map against the wall to see the bullet ballistics) Do remember. One point is that the pressure gun of each gun is different. For example, the direction of the pressure gun of SG553 and AK is opposite. Specifically, you have to try to find the feeling and try to splash less than ten rounds of water (except for submachine guns and Negev)

The water splashing of M4 and aug is relatively simple, basically just pull down, and then for the submachine gun, you should keep it close to your face as much as possible, and aim at the headshot line. Blow it down (remember not to mention that the submachine gun is the P90, always remember the expensive price of the P90 and economic aspects will be discussed later) There is also one of the easiest pressure guns to splash water with the Negev, when newcomers find out how to use the Negev pressure When the gun was fired, they seemed to open the door to a new world...

(Why do I say to practice marksmanship like this, because as a novice, no matter how rookie you are, first of all make sure that when you can’t hit someone in the front, when you hit someone with your back and touch someone’s butt, you can kill someone with a carbine. , if you can't beat him to death if you can't even turn your back, then you will make the game more difficult for your teammates)

2. Props The props in CS GO are very important things. Don't ignore them. Here I mainly talk about high flash and back flash.

High flash: What is high flash is a flash bomb thrown at a high place in the opposite viewing angle. The function is to give the enemy a white screen at the stand point to facilitate teammates to break points and grab positions. A classic go go meme in cncs is so-and-so. The A1 of the spy god flashed an autumn pear cream.

Backflash: As the name suggests, it is to let the flashbang flash off your back. This is also because of a mechanism in the game. When the flashbang is not in your field of vision, your screen will not be completely white. It is mainly used to hide from the opposite and throw it over. The flash bomb (remember that the back flash must wait for the flash bomb to explode before turning back. Many newbies are easy to turn back in advance because they can't grasp the time and they are originally back flash, but they flash all white for themselves)

And pull the gun to grab a position. Speaking of this, it is a hard dish for novices. The throwing sound of the bait bomb is the same as that of a flash bomb, so the bait bomb can be used as a fake flash. When the opponent is holding a gun and you want to break a point, a bait bomb is thrown out. I don't know if it's a flash bomb. The normal player's first reaction is to dodge the flash bomb right away, and you can go out and kill him while he is dodging (remember to give him a fake flash or a real flash) Don't give TM and props together with the reaction time, otherwise it will be for nothing)

Yowa cloud game mobile version

A person's reaction is to first see the flashbang and decide to turn back and hide. If you play a low-end game at the same time as the prop, it's better that the high-end game is slightly stronger. No matter whether he can eat the flashbang or not, you 300 yuan he must have eaten. How to lose other props can be found at station B. I will not advertise here. The newbies will find the up master by themselves. The smoke bomb is very important, but I can’t tell you how to type. I have to watch the video to learn. Anyone who has a certain understanding of cs go should know what a one-way cigarette is. I will not teach you how to throw a one-way cigarette. Watch the video teaching.

Let me talk about how to break a regular one-way cigarette, remember that no matter how he throws a one-way cigarette, he will leak a nod or body as long as it is a regular one-way cigarette and you will do it too, You should be able to determine the location of others when you see the smoke The one-way cigarette is a regular one-way cigarette with a pure leak. As long as you can pull the advance gun, the one-way cigarette is useless, pay attention to props for cuteness It is the easiest teaching to get started and get started with.

Economy: Mengxin remember to go out or buy props in the pistol round (many newbies have a small misunderstanding that the sand eagle is awesome. I will tell you that the sand eagle is really easy to use and affordable for master and old players, but it is different for newbies, because in GOGO The sand eagle is very difficult to play. Mengxin may use the sand eagle to stand on the opposite side and let you hit you but only get one shot or you are in a random situation, so try not to play the sand eagle and you always play the sand eagle for free. Will lead to teammates mentality collapse)

Next, let’s talk about the common name of the ECO game: this is e, e, I e, this means that when our economic situation is very poor and some teammates can’t afford long guns, they choose not to spend money or just buy a few hundred pistol items , if you knock out the opposite long gun, you will hold the gun for protection (the gun protection means that there is no chance of winning, hide and give up this round to keep your undead gun and keep it for the next round).

If suddenly a teammate stands up at this time and takes the sand eagle and knocks out four or five heads on the opposite side, then congratulations on your opposite mentality for blowing up your economy.

yowa cloud game mobile version review
yowa cloud game mobile version allows you to play CSGO on your mobile phone. The operation is not as complicated as you think, and you can play it easily without configuration, which is very cool.


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  • Yowa cloud game mobile version
  • Yowa cloud game mobile version