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Dungeon and Princess 2

Dungeon and Princess 2

  • size: 80.31M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v410
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-18 18:07:54


Dungeon and Princess 2 Premium Edition is a very fun two-dimensional beautiful girl action fighting game, this game can give you a very rich two-dimensional adventure experience, if you want more girls, come to this advanced In the version of the game, experience what is called smooth fighting.

Dungeon and Princess 2

Introduction to Dungeons and Princesses 2

This game is very fun, let you control the girl to fight.

It can also perform advanced operations and release all kinds of cool skills infinitely.

By upgrading yourself, you can defeat more enemies.

Dungeon and Princess 2

Dungeon and Princess 2 Premium Edition gameplay features

So many girls, everyone has at least one set of skins, why is one set, because skins have their own special effects.

Taking combat effectiveness as a combat indicator, multi-skill Buffs combine to compete, defeating again and again.

At the end of the day, you'll find that your spawn is literally full of girls, and only guys looking at you admiringly in front of the screen.

As an adventure game, it adopts relatively high-definition picture quality in the design of characters and scenes.

With turn-based operation, it should be possible to switch between multiple people, and they all use different weapons for attribute restraint.

The girls in the game are well designed, and there are many more. Each girl can add points, change clothes, etc.

Dungeon and Princess 2 gameplay guide
First touch the text to open the information window and select the ability value to upload, the chest is the item locker in the dungeon, the monster next to the door is an underground merchant who sells various items,

To enter the other side of the door, you can select a dungeon and enter, and then click the button to enter,

During the battle, you can click the avatar on the upper left, select the skill and release, the skill to use, you can touch the warrior and select the desired skill, the amount of action energy consumption is the same as the amount written in the correction,

The green energy bar is the experience value, the blue energy bar is a line of power, if the action energy bar is full, the action force will be restored to 1, and each warrior will release skills in turn to defeat the monster.

Generally speaking, use attack skills, go to the front and get a lot of attacks from the enemy, then you need the soldiers to take turns in the front position,

Strengthen the attributes of equipment, strengthen the stone wall is used to strengthen the equipment as a group of training troops, and can improve the combat power.

Dungeon and Princess 2

Dungeons and Princesses 2 Modification Tutorial

1. Panel search: We generally use D-type search and E-type search

For example, our blood volume is 25555, then we search for 25555 in class d or e, and then change it to the blood volume you want

Can attack, money or something

↑Applicability: low, mostly used for stand-alone games

2. Level modification: Class D and Class E are also used

For example, if the level is 1, upgrade one level, write 2, click the improvement in the lower right corner of the search panel, repeat the steps several times, and change the remaining values ​​to the values ​​you want.

↑Applicability: It is suitable for stand-alone and online games. After the change, some panel attributes will increase with the level.

3. Skill level: ↑ Same as above [funny]

4. Skill damage modification:

Usually class e

For example, the skill damage is 180%, then we convert it into a decimal, which is 1.8, directly search for 1.8 and then modify it. Some values ​​need to be converted to a decimal * 10 times or 100 times or even 10,000 times to search, so you can try it.

↑Applicability: High

Dungeons and Princesses 2 player reviews
Dungeon and Princess 2 is a game that can be modified by yourself. This game allows us to easily get all kinds of girls to fight. There are many ways to play, and you can also upgrade through various strategies.


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