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Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

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  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-18 10:20:54


The official version of Conquest and Domination is a very fun multi-civilization strategy battle game. This game allows you to choose from a variety of civilizations for battle. The game is developed by Tencent, and the large-scale strategy allows you to experience the most extreme war. The game is the official version, there are a lot of online benefits, red envelope benefits can be received, attached with Cecilia Cheung star redemption code, various beginner introduction strategies, telling you which continent should be chosen by the novice.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Introduction to Conquest and Domination

This is a large-scale war game developed by Tencent.

Cecilia Cheung speaks with affection, and various benefits can be received immediately.

There are a lot of civilization choices, more gameplay, and higher strategy.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Conquest and hegemony Cecilia Cheung redemption code







How to use the redemption code

After entering the game, click Settings in the upper right corner, Redeem, enter the gift code, click Redeem, and receive it at the mailbox after closing.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Which continent to choose for beginners of conquest and domination

1. Introduction to the continent of birth

The birth continents in the game are divided into 8 continents: Jackdaw, Qinyu, Jinniu, Blue Whale, Canglang, Baiying, and Donghuzhou. There is no bonus between these 8 continents. The effect is only that their terrain and scenes will be different. The ultimate goal of players is to march into the middle of the King of Civilization area and occupy Atlantis, so in the choice of civilization, civilization should give priority to the place closest to Atlantis, not surrounded by strong enemies, and suitable for defense/offensive. .

2. Birth continent selection recommendation

1. Jackdaw Island: The island is covered with ice and snow, and there are very few connections with other continents. It is basically blocked by mountains and rivers, so it is very conducive to defense. In addition, it is also very close to Atlantis. , and there is a lush woodland area that only borders Jackdaw Island, so the development space is also very large.

2. Baiying Continent: This continent is very flat and has a very large area. The offensive and developmental abilities are very good, but it is not suitable for defense, so it always appears to be particularly strong, and it is a region worth choosing.

3. Jinniuzhou: This continent is located in a desert terrain, it is the farthest from Atlantis, and it is also far from the capital of Resource Continent, so few people regard it as a strong enemy, so it can develop with peace of mind and seek hegemony by surprise. , more suitable for farming stream players to choose.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Conquest and hegemony newbie wasteland strategy

1. [Build multiple teams]

At the beginning of the game, we can get multiple four-star generals, and you can get Yu Ji through the sign-in event on the second day. Three high-quality five-star generals will also be given away in the recharge event, so the number of generals in the early stage can form multiple teams.

It is recommended that you combine the generals you have into at least 2 teams, namely the main team and the auxiliary team. The main team is the key training target, has the strongest combat ability, and is mainly responsible for opening advanced land; the auxiliary team is mainly responsible for the main team. Paving the way, such a division of labor strategy can reduce the physical waste of the main generals, and at the same time can improve the level of the reserve generals, which can be used to inherit or form the second main force.

2. 【Occupation Strategy】

Both level 1 and level 2 land can be easily won in the early stage, but since a team can only match 2 generals in the early stage, the team's combat ability is limited, and rashly attacking level 3 land may cause higher battle losses , so it is recommended to first choose level 2 land when occupying land in the early stage, and then consider level 3 land when opening the position of the third general. When the main team can open level 3 lands, use the auxiliary team to connect the lands, and so on for other levels. Always keep the territory in a full state, and when the main force attacks the high-level land, give up the low-level land, and never leave the territory empty.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

3. [Resource Issues]

Resources are the foundation of the game, and urban construction and other activities require a lot of resources. In the early stage, the resource output of the main city and low-level land was low. As long as you follow the process to do the tasks, you can not only obtain resources stably, but also upgrade the urban construction reasonably. After a certain amount of resources are accumulated, it is necessary to upgrade the Interior Hall in time, and then selectively upgrade some resource buildings. It is recommended to upgrade the quarry first, because the frequency of urban construction in the early stage is high and the consumption is large, and in most cases, the consumption of stone is almost twice that of other resources. When occupying land, it is also recommended to choose stone materials, and other types of land will be considered when the surrounding stones are all finished.

4. [Grasp the novice period]

The novice period is a period that can provide us with many privileges and lasts for 48 hours. Among them, "removing generals and returning 100% of troops" and "resetting skills and returning 100% of skill points" are very important. For the situation that the main force is often insufficient, you can take advantage of the feature of returning troops in the novice period, open a few more sub-teams before recruiting, and fill up the sub-team generals. When the main force is used up, you can replace the sub-teams Withdrawal, so as to obtain its returned troops, to avoid the situation that the main force is not enough.

The general's skill level can directly affect the general's combat ability, and upgrading skills requires a lot of skill points, so you can use the feature of 100% return of reset skill points to reset a general's skills after the stamina is exhausted, and reset the skills. The acquired skill points are used to upgrade the skills of the alternate generals, so that the team's wasteland reclamation efficiency will be greatly improved.

Five, [use physical strength]

Both marching and capturing actions require physical strength, which requires everyone to consider each action, because halfway withdrawal also consumes physical strength. If you want to open up wasteland efficiently, you must continue to occupy land to ensure that your physical strength is exhausted before each night, so that you can restore physical strength after one night, so as not to cause excess physical strength and waste development time. It should be noted that the stamina consumption of the novice stage is only 5 points, and you must make full use of this protection period to hit as many lands as possible.

In short, during the wasteland reclamation period, we must be diligent and economical, so as to maximize the utilization of resources and troops. a privilege.

Conquest and Domination Official Edition

Conquest and Domination player reviews

Conquest and Domination is a very large-scale strategic war game. By constantly acquiring more generals and heroes, forming your own lineup, fighting the war step by step and defeating your opponents.

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  • Conquest and Domination Official Edition
  • Conquest and Domination Official Edition
  • Conquest and Domination Official Edition
  • Conquest and Domination Official Edition
  • Conquest and Domination Official Edition