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Beast City Crisis

Beast City Crisis

  • size: 441.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-16 11:58:52


Beast City Crisis is a very fun strategy game. Players will build their own armies in this future world and continuously enhance their combat effectiveness. One of the major features of the game is the ability to cultivate giant beasts and let them join the battle. The game's screen and The content is very satisfying. This game is about to be launched. If you like it, come and make an appointment!

Beast City Crisis

Beast city crisis game background

After the asteroid impact, a large area of ​​land was deserted, and human beings were helpless.

The active ore brought by the impact caused the earth's biological mutation and activated the ancient alien beasts hidden deep in the ground.

Giant beasts fell into the hands of the Shadow Legion, governments fell apart, and Earth civilization waited for a new order to come.

Army Captain Brian, with a successfully gigantic orangutan, becomes the last hope for defeating the Shadow Legion...

In the brand new strategy game "Beast City Crisis", you will play the role of Commander Brian - build a base in the desert, cultivate giant beasts, and fight against the Shadow Legion in the final battle!

Beast City Crisis gameplay
【Training giant beasts】

Defeat mutant creatures to obtain living ores, continuously strengthen giant beasts, and build your strongest war machine.

【Build a resistance alliance】

Three careers are available for you to choose from, implement different strategies, and strategize. Fight with your allies to form an impregnable front of resistance.

【Create an exclusive base】

Freely explore the vast world, build your own base, build buildings, and explore expeditions at your own convenience.

【Recruit super heroes】

Over 100 super heroes with different abilities are waiting for you to recruit, accelerate development, collect intelligence, and beat the enemy.

【Deploy cutting-edge weapons】

Build state-of-the-art tanks, helicopters and ICBMs to wage grand modern warfare against your enemies.

Beast City Crisis Game Features
1. The overall game elements are very complete. Players can choose to develop giant beasts or develop technology. Each development route has different effects.

2. The arms are rich in collocation. Players can familiarize themselves with the attributes of various arms and build the strongest army.

3. A variety of powerful heroes to choose from. Powerful heroes can help players lead the legion, and with the addition of hero skills, the legion will be stronger.

Beast City Crisis

Beast City Crisis game content

1. Players will start from scratch, obtain resources by completing various tasks, and slowly expand their corps.

2. The characteristic behemoth system, players can tame various war beasts to help themselves go out into battle.

3. Occupy as many enemy sites as possible, resources are limited, the larger the site, the more resources that can be mined.

Beast City Crisis Xiaobian Evaluation
Beast City Crisis is a game that allows players to experience an epic war. There are many kinds of content in the game, and it has an excellent background story and diversified gameplay. Feel the collision of blood and flesh here. Players of war-themed gameplay must not miss it!


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  • Beast City Crisis
  • Beast City Crisis