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The Empire is Coming Official Version

The Empire is Coming Official Version

  • size: 387.00M
  • platform: Android
  • Version: v1.4.1
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 13:44:17


The Empire is Coming is a very fun medieval war game. In the game, players can feel the full European style. Whether it is soldiers or buildings, they are very well portrayed, and the gameplay in the game is also very diverse. Build your own strongest empire here. Players who like this kind of game must download and experience it.

Empire is coming mobile game features
Rich and unique, there are also very intense battles waiting for you to participate, come and try it.

Become the most powerful force on this continent, so that other players will not dare to mess with you.

Quickly eliminate dissidents, stabilize your power in the game, and launch multiple large-scale battles.

Empire is coming mobile game overview
1. The pictures and scenes of the Western Empire are very rich, so that you can quickly immerse yourself in it and enjoy the fun of battle.

2. At any time, you can start exciting competitions with the masters of the full server to see who has better tactics and skills.

3. If you want to become the strongest ruler of the empire, you must recruit more powerful soldiers to become your helper.

Empire is coming mobile game details
A role-playing game that allows each of our players to play the role of the monarch of an empire.

Enter the troublesome empire adventure scene and start a thrilling slaughter challenge journey, we can learn a variety of powerful skills and moves.

Use a new tactical method to solve many troublesome enemies, quickly eliminate many top powerhouses, and become one of the most powerful forces on this continent.

Empire is coming mobile game features
1. Feel more interesting challenges, many different tasks can be satisfied and tried;

2. Get a lot of different reward tasks, you can feel and experience super interesting gameplay;

3. Every day's tasks are different, new challenges can be opened, and many new modes can be tried.

Empire is coming mobile game
1. The game will provide players with a one-click task system, and players can easily obtain a lot of experience rewards;

2. Players can teleport with one key in the game, and there is no need for players to manually control to find the target of the task;

3. There are a lot of adventurous gameplay, allowing players to freely challenge various copies and secret realms, and enjoy the passionate bloody battle.

The Empire is Coming Xiaobian Evaluation
The Empire is Coming is one of the best medieval strategy games I have ever played. The graphics and combat design of the game are very good. I highly recommend everyone to experience this game.


  • The Empire is Coming Official Version
  • The Empire is Coming Official Version
  • The Empire is Coming Official Version