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Kiss of Victory International

Kiss of Victory International

  • size: 678.58M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.15
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-25 11:14:06


Kiss of Victory International Service is a very fun game that simulates the military theme. Experience a variety of doomsday survival experiences in Doomsday. The game is the latest version of the international server, let you have a wonderful duel with various commanders in the world.

Kiss of Victory International

Introduction to Kiss of Victory

This is a game that allows you to survive the apocalypse with international players.

Compared with national clothes, international clothes are more authentic, and the clothes are also different.

Although the game is in English by default, it can be set to Simplified Chinese.

Kiss of Victory International

Kiss of Victory international server gameplay features

1. Brand new control system

The game features a groundbreaking free-control system that allows players to command multiple units on the battlefield. March, garrison, change the target as you like, adjust the combat strategy!

2. Vivid war scenes

Based on the actual geography of modern Europe, we have built vivid cities and battlefields, especially iconic buildings that everyone can recognize. In addition, we've simulated famous weapons of war used during Modern Warfare, bringing you back to that storied era.

3. Multiplayer real-time combat

Battles between players are far more complex and engaging than virtual opponents in strategy games. Even if you are strong enough, you still need the help of other players, because there will be not only one enemy fighting with you in the battlefield, but even an alliance or more.

Come and join this legendary battlefield, expand your guild territory, show your strength and conquer the land!

Kiss of Victory International

The latest version of the latest version of the Kiss of Victory

1. New content in the officer's cabin: new officer's wardrobe, which can be changed into pajamas; updated three officers: Jane Doreen Haruhi Mio and its related plot stories.

2. The long-awaited Peace Shield has finally arrived at the railway station, and now you can purchase the Peace Shield through the railway station.

3. Introduce the new "Powerful Journey" package, which will be refreshed every week.

4. The fire-extinguishing cooling time has been increased for alliance buildings in the burning state, and the fire-extinguishing operation can be performed after the cooling time expires.

5. The overall interface of officers has been optimized and the function of sorting officers has been added. Commanders can freely choose the sorting method to sort the officers they own.

Kiss of Victory International

Kiss of Victory Purple Officer Strength Ranking

As the most practical arms, tanks are the first choice of many players, and most players will use tanks as their first arms. Tanks have both damage and flesh, and are basically the strongest arms in the early and mid-game. To make good use of tanks, first use the officers of the tanks. There are four officers who can fight with tank attributes, namely Linda, Catherine (tank, jungler, skills), Abigail, and Grace (tank, garrison, defense). So how to use these four in the end, let the facts speak. (For the selection of talents, please see previous issues)

First of all, to make a point clear, the gold card is not necessarily better than the purple card! The gold card is not necessarily better than the purple card!! The gold card is not necessarily better than the purple card!!! Er + Grace, Linda + Katherine. And Abigail + Grace > Linda + Katherine.

Abigail + Grace vs Linda + Catherine, Abigail and Grace choose the main tank sub-defense, Linda and Catherine choose the main tank sub-skill. It can be seen that Abigail + Grace won the victory, only losing two-thirds of the total number of troops, and destroyed Linda + Catherine. This is because the skills of Abigail and Grace have a relatively large increase in defense and HP, and Grace's enhanced counterattack combined with Abigail's passive counterattack will also cause considerable damage. And Linda + Katherine, although the skill damage burst is high, but the frankness is obviously insufficient. When the blood line is lowered, the skill damage is reduced, and there is no chance of a comeback.

Kiss of Victory International

Kiss of Victory International Server Player Comments

Kiss of Victory is a very fun game that simulates doomsday survival. This game allows you to meet beautiful soldiers, improve their favorability, and unlock more plots.


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