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Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline

  • size: 97.70M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0223_274
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-23 10:14:51


Girls Frontline US server official website version is a very fun anime two-dimensional adventure game. This game has received a very large response in the national server, and the popularity is very high. It is no exception in the US server. Players who want to play with the US server Are you ready for an adventure on Girls Frontline? Download it now.

Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline official website address

>>>>>Girls Frontline official website of British and American clothes<<<<<

Introduction to Girls' Frontline
Here you can summon all kinds of girl soldiers for an exciting battle.

All kinds of troops can be summoned and combined to complete our adventure.

The new international service and the US service support Chinese to make your experience better.

Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline US service official website version gameplay features

[Seiyuu help out, top seiyuu join in love]

Hundreds of CVs including popular seiyuu Rie Ngnomiya, Noto Mamiko, Kayano Ai, Horie Yui, Koshimizu Ami, Nonaka Ai, Sakura Ayane, Nanjo Aino, Tamura Ayana, Uchida Marei and others gave their voices!

【Heavy Construction Shotgun Officially Implemented】

Heavy builds are advanced form humanoid builds, and shotguns will appear in heavy builds. Shotgun, as a special "tank" profession with its own armor, has the elements of "area damage + knockback". In addition, the attributes of the equipment are further improved through "equipment calibration" and "equipment enhancement" to train elite girls to repel iron blood. offensive!

[Tactical Girls, Hundreds of Gungirls Diversified Development]

Exquisite vertical paintings cover well-known firearms in various periods, and hundreds of tactical girls can be combined at will, and diversified development: attribute strengthening and training of the main force, skill training to appreciate the combat skills of gungirls, expansion and expansion of the squad... Let the girls under the player become frontline soldiers !

【Strategic formation, real-time operation and multi-line advancement】

The front row receives the enemy, the rear row outputs, freely adjust the formation and position in the battle, reasonably share the damage, deploy the strategic map in multiple lines, and freely control the advancement of the squad.

Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline's latest updates

1. New: [Target training] Added [Collection target], which can add enemy units in the campaign to the collection target to challenge.

Here's how to collect enemy units:

Long press the enemy unit in the campaign map to enter the details interface to add a favorite target;

After entering the battle, when the battle is paused, the current battle enemy can be added as a collection target;

After a single battle fails, you can add battle enemies as collection targets.

2. New: The item "Reload General Data" is obtained from the intelligence analysis probability of [Intelligence Center], which can be used to unlock and promote the reloaded troops. Reloaded units that have not yet joined the intelligence analysis cannot use the general reloading data for the time being.

3. Added: [Settings] - [Combat] Added skill performance settings in battles, you can set the humanoid echelon or fusion power echelon skill performance to off/only show once a day/on.

4. Added: [Assistant] Added some human and other plot characters, which can be unlocked by clearing the designated level.

5. Added: [Black Card Exchange] Added sorting and filtering functions.

6. Optimization: [Purchase], [Limited Time Exchange], [Black Card Exchange] interface display optimization.

7. Optimization: [Picture Book] - [Enemy Unit] details display optimization, and the villain display of enemy units is added in the picture book details.

8. Optimization: The [Activity] interface has been integrated and optimized as a whole.

9. Optimization: [Mall] The overall interface display has been optimized, the classification of props in the mall has been optimized, and the display of skin packs has been enhanced.

10. Optimization: The display of the [Warehouse]-[Props] interface has been optimized, the description of the props has been optimized, and the description of the source of the props has been added.

11. Optimization: Commander clothing [special effects] are separated from suits, and commanders can freely choose to wear the special effects of the collected clothing.

12. Optimization: The interaction between the commander's clothing [wardrobe] and the [clothing store] has been optimized, and the layout of the wardrobe and try-on interface has been unified and optimized, which is convenient for the commander to use and match clothing.

Girls Frontline
Strength list (units that have been evaluated will only be added, S-strength is equivalent to Griffin's S-strength)

SS: Invincible, Scarecrow, Hunter

S: Steel Lion, Divine Shield, Dragoon, Double Knife, Executioner

dps does not count for hit and armor penetration, and the rate of fire is compared to the frame rate table.

The equivalent HP is calculated based on the enemy's 30 hits, and only the panel is considered.

3-star units are very difficult to obtain, and only 50% of them can be obtained by drawing according to the strategy. The output of 10-cost 3-star units is generally 2-3 times that of 4-cost output units, and the meat is slightly higher than the professional flash t of seaweed first. A small buff, carrying 2 chips greatly improves the tactical strategy, so it is not recommended to eliminate bosses in the regular team. All three-star units in the evaluation are based on 0 potential data.

Girls Frontline US server reviews
Girls Frontline is a very fun simulation animation two-dimensional shooting game, this game can give you a very rich adventure, summon all kinds of anime girl soldiers, to have exciting duels.



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