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The latest version of the hypnotic world

The latest version of the hypnotic world

  • size: 111.40M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-22 18:24:36


The latest version of Hypnosis Different World is a very fun two-dimensional adventure game. This game can summon all kinds of two-dimensional girls to fight, as well as a unique independent hypnosis function, allowing you to experience all kinds of richness in the dormitory. adventure.

The latest version of the hypnotic world

Introduction to Hypnosis

There are a lot of two-dimensional anime girls waiting for you to call.

You can also change clothes and experience a variety of rich experiences of raising girls.

Come to another world to take an adventure together, it will give you a wonderful adventure.

Hypnosis Different World gameplay features
【Fantastic world, enjoy exploring】

Step into the mysterious and magical continent of Sephir, where mountains, plains, rivers or lakes and other vast beauty can be seen everywhere, and adventure is no longer boring. You will travel around as an elves messenger, and at the same time lead the elves to fight against alien civilizations, explore and create the most special adventure memories with your friends!

[Q cute elves, close guard]

Elves are unique magical creatures, and they always refer to the elves as "masters". Q Meng's appearance hides different personalities such as funny, arrogant, and Lotte, which makes people addicted to it. Come and develop your exclusive cute thing!

【Strategic team, extreme operation】

Form a super elf expedition team, equip the guardian elves with different memory cards, and use various secret skills to defeat the enemy! There are thousands of strategies for a king monster, and multi-skill features such as powerful damage output, defense recovery of the guardian master, providing a variety of Enhanced secondary battles and more help you turn the tide of battle.

[Dream Island, Personal Life]

Become the owner of an island, and the operation and decoration are up to you! Full 3D island landscaping, create hundreds of types of furniture through workshops, design your own personalized island, and send elves to run errands, collect or make equipment, All powerful equipment or gorgeous costumes are all made by yourself.

Hypnosis different world gameplay guide
Collect CG: 1. Raider all characters until the end (including street and school options) ps: Just keep choosing an option until the end.

The question mark option is Takakura mother and daughter. The strategy is: the first day daughter, the second day, the daughter, the third day, the mother, the fourth day, the daughter, the fifth day, the daughter, the sixth day, the mother, then , the mother and daughter together (single daughter, single mother can no longer choose), and then the strategy.

At the beginning of the strategy, the two students and teachers should pay attention not to choose one all the time, but to hypnotize the three in sequence. The first hypnotized person is different, and the ending character is different at the end. ps1: The order is chosen by yourself, it has no effect. ps2: Don't hypnotize one person all the time, that will give a false ending.

After all the endings are played, a new campus plot will appear. In the general menu, after finishing the three campus plots, the fourth one will appear, and the strategy will continue as usual.

Follow the above steps to complete all the characters, and the 7 story modes will also be unlocked. Complete them, and then return to the strategy option to re-travel the streets and academies. In this way, all the plots and CGs can be collected.

Hypnotic Another World Review
Hypnosis Different World is a very fun two-dimensional adventure game, which can give you a very rich adventure and experience, let's feel all kinds of exciting adventures together.


  • The latest version of the hypnotic world
  • The latest version of the hypnotic world
  • The latest version of the hypnotic world
  • The latest version of the hypnotic world