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Destiny's Child International Service

Destiny's Child International Service

  • size: 57.87M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.6.0
  • type Popular mobile games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-22 11:41:25


Destiny Child International Server is a very fun open world two-dimensional adventure game. Your favorite hanbok has been launched, the game also has a Chinese patch function, and there are various guides and patch installation tutorials below the article.

Destiny's Child International Service

Destiny's Child International Service Installation Package Instructions

The installation package has not been Chineseized, it is the original English name: Destiny Child

Destiny's Son Hanbok Introduction
Destiny Child Hanbok is the most authentic version in the international server.

Compared with the Japanese server and other international servers, it has a more complete system to play.

A lot of anime two-dimensional girls are waiting for you to call, come and download it.

Destiny's Son Hanbok Chinese Patch Installation Tutorial
Before replacing the file, remember to backup the original file in advance!!!

1. Download the Son of Destiny Chinese package to your phone

2. Unzip the finished file

3. Enter the phone file management, copy the decompressed file

Copy the file to the internal storage device/Android/data path

Prompt "The target file already exists, are you sure to replace the file" Select all to replace

4. Enter the game, the localization is successful

Destiny Child Hanbok account registration guide
(1) Visitor login: At present, Son of Destiny has three servers: Japanese server, international server, and Korean server. None of the three servers has visitor login, so it is necessary to bind an account to log in.

(2) Account login: Child of Destiny now has three ways to log in, and everyone can choose according to their own needs.

1. Google Play Account: This is the account of the Google Play Store, and only Android players can use this account. It is also the most widely used login method at present, but it is a little troublesome for domestic players to register a Google account and need to prepare many things.

2. Facebook account: Facebook is currently the most popular social software in foreign countries. It is a good choice to bind the Son of Destiny, but everyone should pay attention to standard operation when using it, otherwise there is a danger of being banned.

3. Line account: The line account is the most used social software in Japan. Most Japanese server games can be logged in with the line account. The Son of Destiny needs one more step to log in with the line account.

google play account

(1) Google Suite: It is more troublesome for domestic players to use Google to log in, and they need to install the full Google Play Suite, the most important thing is the Google Play Plug-in and Google Store. You can choose to install it now on the official website, or you can choose to use the "Google Installer" to solve the Google Suite problem with one click.

(3) Binding account: Google game account binding and registration is relatively simple, directly select the Google login method after entering the game, everyone logs in to the Google account in advance, and then bind it.

Facebook account

(1) Registering an account: The registration of a facebook account is relatively simple. After entering the game, select the facebook account to log in, and select the registered account on the login interface. You need to prepare a mobile phone number, and a domestic mobile phone number is sufficient. When the account is bound, the mobile phone will receive the registration information, which must be turned on.

(2) Binding account: After registering the account, you can return directly without any other settings, and the system will automatically log in to the game.

Destiny Child Hanbok Review
Destiny Child Hanbok is a very fun two-dimensional adventure game. This game can give you a very rich two-dimensional adventure story, and experience the original plot without various processing.


  • Destiny's Child International Service
  • Destiny's Child International Service
  • Destiny's Child International Service