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philly skateboarder 2

philly skateboarder 2

  • size: 90.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.2
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 16:19:40


Feili Skateboarder 2 is a brand new parkour game. Players will operate the villain to use the skateboard to complete various levels and constantly collect gold coins. The gameplay of the game is a bit similar to the classic game Subway Parkour, but it also adds a lot of Brand new content, players who like this kind of gameplay come and click the download button to experience this fun game!

Phili Skateboarder 2 Profile
Players need to pay attention to the terrain constraints here, show off your skateboard stunts, pay attention to those ramps, which will have a certain impact on your skateboard;

The physical simulation degree is very high, and the skateboarding experience brought to you is very real, and players can win the cheers of passers-by;

A vertical screen fun parkour game, control the skateboard to enjoy the exciting racing journey

Master more skills with continued training. Here you can display special effects. The higher the score, the more coins you will get.

Phili Skateboarder 2 Highlights
Players can play different characters in the game, become a skateboarder, have a skateboard, and freely roam the streets of the city;

You can take the glory that belongs to you. The player is able to control the skateboard to slide and avoid various traps. Show your skateboarding skills here;

Flexible to avoid obstacles in the level, rich rewards are waiting for you to challenge

Be careful at all times. After all, there are many obstacles that will stop you from moving forward. Players can quickly avoid all obstacles in the noisy city.

Phili Skateboarder 2 Advantages
If you don't want to fall, avoid the risk, quickly avoid all obstacles and drive carefully.

Remember to use terrain to show off your skateboard tricks. The higher the stunt score, the more coins you will get.

You only need to operate to get started quickly, and you can control the track of the skateboard directly by tapping the screen.

Be a skate boy and start roaming the streets of the city, and you can get the glory that belongs to you.

Felly Skateboarder 2 Features
Use the terrain to show off your skateboard stunts, the higher the stunt score, the more gold coins you will get.

You can get started quickly with a simple operation, directly click the screen to control the action track of the skateboard.

Enjoy this wonderful adventure, you can get excited at any time, waiting for you will be the most interesting challenge.

There are also many unique scenes to bring you more interesting experience, and expand your superb handling skills on dangerous tracks

Phili Skateboarder 2 Description
Be careful not to hit people and cars, you need time to be careful and take care to avoid risks, go and test it.

Show off your skateboarding skills in the hustle and bustle of the city, let passers-by cheer and win applause.

Avoid risks if you don’t want to fall, please quickly escape all obstacles, and proceed with caution.

Philly Skateboarder 2 Game Review
Feili Skateboarder 2 is a very easy and simple game to play. It is suitable to take out your mobile phone and play for a while when you are bored. It takes about a minute or two for each level. Watching videos in fragmented time is not exciting, and you can’t read Weibo. A few, let's play this game!


  • philly skateboarder 2
  • philly skateboarder 2
  • philly skateboarder 2