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bumper car race

bumper car race

  • size: 31.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.1
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 14:51:50


Bumper Car Race 2021 is a very fun casual game. In this game, players will drive bumper cars to start a confrontation with their opponents. There are many different modes and levels designed in the game, and there are also very interesting multiplayer online gameplay. , to give players a lot of interesting game experience, interested friends come and download it!

Bumper Car Race 2021 Advantages
1. Satisfy your heart, speed up as much as possible, don't care about injuries and other injuries, start as you like;

2. The whole game is simple and easy to learn, but difficult to master, it is impossible to collide, but it will definitely make you addicted.

3. Players can get various vehicles in the game, and also unlock powerful vehicles, which is great.

Bumper Car Race 2021 Highlights
1. Super brutal infinite track, bumper cars crash while accelerating, only one surviving bumper car is destined to be only one;

2. Bumper car crash new game mode, the victorious bumper car chase has a super crown and immediately caught the attention of the audience;

3. Race + Chicken, subtly integrated into the rules of survival in the race, it is destined to be the last person who can only stay on the field with a bumper car.

Bumper Car Race 2021 Features
1. Concise and delicate game screens and scenes will bring players a visual and auditory feast;

2. Various cute characters, fresh and comfortable game experience, will bring players a good game experience;

3. Huge game levels, waiting for players to challenge more levels.

4. The virtual control of the steering wheel and the left and right accelerator keys can be set by yourself, and new roads are also available for you to try to unlock;

5. There are many kinds of cars, you can choose to drive freely and try to control the collision of vehicles by yourself;

6. The high-quality picture depiction is also very real and interesting, and the realistic sound effect makes you unable to let go for a long time, which is very exciting and interesting.

Bumper Car Competition 2021 Editor's Review

Bumper Car Race 2021 is a very good game to play. It is easy and simple to get started. It is most suitable for playing to pass the time when you are bored. It can be operated with one hand, even on the bus and subway. I personally recommend it!


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