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Deep Space Werewolf Killing King

Deep Space Werewolf Killing King

  • size: 60.00M
  • platform: 安卓4.4以上
  • Version: v1.0.8
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: 中文
  • time: 2021-03-12 11:50:44


Deep Space Werewolf Killing King is a very fun adventure puzzle game. The game's screen is very cute. The game is a certain degree of innovation based on the previous space killing. Players will start here with the inner ghost A new round of wits and bravery, players who like this kind of gameplay must click the download button at the bottom of the screen!

Deep space werewolf kills the king

1. The cartoon style of this game is very delicate, and there are many different roles to play in the game.

2. Various modes allow you to switch freely, each character is related to each other, and you can find the werewolf through various clues.

3. Solve various puzzles, pay attention to hide your identity, and don't be successfully seen by your opponents.

Features of Deep Space Werewolf Killing King

1. The images of the space villains are all the same, and you can play different roles to play the game.

2. The identities are issued randomly, and it is dangerous not to stay with any untrustworthy person.

3. It is quite interesting to switch back and forth between the good and the bad, which is a test of the player's skills.

Highlights of the King of Werewolf Killing in Deep Space
1. A very exciting werewolf killing mode, randomly assigning you roles of different identities, allowing you to switch freely between multiple identities.

2. If you are an ordinary person, remember to stay with everyone, and don't give the werewolf the chance to assassinate you alone.

3. The biggest feature of this game is the style of painting. The characters are all very cute and cute little astronauts, and they look super healing.

The advantages of the king of deep space werewolf killing

1. A very fun space killing game. This new version has added some interesting storylines, which is very interesting to play.

2. The screen of the game is very simple, and the characters still use the same astronaut characters, which are very cute.

3. Random switching of identities allows you to constantly switch between bad people and good people. At this time, the player's acting skills will be tested.

Deep Space Werewolf Killing King Review

1. Support multiplayer online gameplay, find the werewolf hidden among you, and choose from a variety of different identities.

2. Join this dangerous challenge, who can successfully complete the task with novel gameplay, and compare the brain-burning levels to see who is the strongest.

3. Try all kinds of interesting challenges, can you successfully complete the task in the face of the test of each level?

Deep Space Werewolf Killing King Xiaobian Comments

Deep Space Werewolf Killing King is still very satisfying to play. There are many interesting contents in the game, which can bring you a very good and interesting game experience. Compared with the original space killing, this game is more worth playing. , come and experience it!


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  • Deep Space Werewolf Killing King
  • Deep Space Werewolf Killing King