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Zika star war period

Zika star war period

  • size: 379.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version:
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 10:43:11


Zika star war is a very novel planet exploration game. What players need to do is to fight with the enemies on this planet, extract their souls, and use these souls to constantly upgrade their roles and improve their combat ability. There are also a lot of breakthrough content that can be experienced. Come and download it quickly. Face many tests here, and see who is the real breakthrough master!


Characteristics of the war era of Zika star

1. Challenge in the wonderful and free game level, and all tasks can be completed quickly;

2. You can collect different equipment and props, quickly improve your strength, and experience the test of each level;

3. Play in a variety of ways, compete in a new and happy world, and test players' ability to explore adventure.

Highlights of the war era of Zika star

1. Play different heroic roles to save the world, play a role to kill the enemy and occupy more chassis;

2. Stick to different planet worlds here, maintain your glorious time, and fight back with rich weapons;

3. Players experience different energies here, let your character slowly become stronger, and fight heartily on this romantic stage.

Zika star war era advantage

This game has brought the most exciting challenges to players. Players will enjoy the fun of adventure anytime and anywhere here.

There are many different weapons and props that can be used in the game, and different weapons have completely different ways of fighting.

There are also many novel game playing methods. Compared with ordinary games, there are many subversive contents here, which give players novel experiences.

Zika star war game evaluation

Zika star war is a very good game to play. Xiaobian felt the developers' slow creativity and a lot of interesting ideas in the process of playing, which can bring a lot of different content experiences to players. I highly recommend you to experience it here!

Due to force majeure, Apple's download link is easy to fail. In case of failure to download, you can leave a message below!


  • Zika star war period
  • Zika star war period