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Prison Destruction Latest Edition

Prison Destruction Latest Edition

  • size: 153.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v9.9
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 16:25:36


Prison Destruction is a very fun casual game. The screen performance in this game is still very good. It can bring a lot of different content to players. The overall fun is superb, and you can feel the tension and excitement. There are still many props that can be used. Players who like this kind of gameplay come to download and experience it!

Prison destruction gameplay

1. Players can challenge in a variety of different scenarios. Different scenarios have different buildings waiting for players;

2. Players need to control their cannons to aim, shoot the support points of different buildings, and easily destroy them;

3. You can constantly upgrade your arsenal, so that you can increase the number of your shells and destroy it more easily.

Prison Destruction Highlights

1. Be the first to see who can complete the test of the level. It is a very easy game to get started, allowing you to easily decompress.

2. Destruction is also graded. Whether the task can be successfully completed depends on who is the real breakthrough master.

3. Simple operation mode, complete the test of each level, easy operation can complete the destruction task in an instant.

Prison destruction advantage

1. The scope of the outbreak will be based on your own level, see if you can destroy all the cities with the fewest steps;

2. Be sure to pay attention to the surrounding time, control the moving direction of the magma, and show the most powerful destructive ability;

3. Upgrade the level of the volcano to increase the strength, so that more magma will be ejected, allowing you to complete the task more easily.

Prison Destruction Features

Players will try their best to escape from the prison, but players still need to have enough observation ability.

There are not many rules and restrictions, players need to use various props to destroy the buildings in the game.

The game is simple and rude, it can give players a very good feeling of relaxation, and the happiness it brings is super diverse.

Prison Destruction Instructions

1. A large number of props can bring players more fun, rich combat gameplay, different adventure gameplay, and exciting battles.

2. The new weapon combination brings a different game experience, and the massive fighting methods allow players to enjoy a new gameplay and start an exciting adventure.

3. The rich cartoon colors allow players to enjoy new gameplay, and a large number of game modes allow players to experience a new challenge.

Prison damage editor review

Prison Destruction is a very good game to play. It can bring a lot of happiness to players. Players who like this game must come and experience it. The overall is still very good. Players who like this game must Click the download button at the bottom of the screen to experience it!


  • Prison Destruction Latest Edition
  • Prison Destruction Latest Edition
  • Prison Destruction Latest Edition