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Mario Maker Homemade Level Edition

Mario Maker Homemade Level Edition

  • size: 34.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.6.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 16:17:03


Mario made self-made level version is a relaxed and fun casual game. In this game, players will control Mario to continuously break through the levels in this game world. Share your own levels with other players, so that the game can have endless fun. Friends who like this kind of game come and experience it!


Mario Maker Highlights

Rich scene

Each style also includes several different backgrounds, such as plains, underwater, caves, haunted houses or castles.

Elements of the past

The game contains four versions of Mario styles, namely the original Mario, Mario 3, Super Mario World and the New Super Mario series.

all actions

Players can perform operations such as wall jumping, triple jumping, and spinning in the air in the new super-horse-themed levels, with the highest playability.

special props

In Mario 3 and Mario World levels, players can set specific tanuki and cape outfits.

clothing import

The first-generation Mario supports the import of Amiibo costumes. It can be said that each Mario-style scene has its own unique gameplay and charm.

Mario Maker Features

- Allow players to freely design game levels

- Suitable for players to show their talents

- Straightforward interface and fun challenges

- Super powerful level editor

Mario making instructions

1. The most classic red and white game, this version can freely choose the level to be challenged;

2. The transplant of the original content retains the characteristics of the original work. You are free to participate in the challenge;

3. The classic super popular characters Mario and Luigi, rich graphics, attract more players to play.

4. Unrestricted adventures will start new challenges, and play non-stop competitions to unlock new levels.

Advantages of Mario Maker Homemade Levels

There is a special level editor in the game, players can easily get the level they want through this.

In the game space, you can publish levels that can be downloaded by other players, and you can also see the downloads and ratings of the level map.

It also provides a way for players to communicate, and there is a very harmonious atmosphere of communication here, which is still very good.

Mario Maker gameplay

Use props to turn a defeat into a victory! Use a frenzy to make a dramatic turnaround! Use props and skills to defeat your rivals and fight for the 1st place. There are all kinds of props in the game, and every moment there is an opportunity to reverse the game.

Also, if you collect 3 of the same items, you will enter a frenzy! You will be invincible for a certain period of time, and you can use the items as you like.

Bonus Challenges can enjoy new elements in a different style than the competition. Complete various challenges such as "VS Huge Kuba" and "Complete the jumping action".

COLLECT CHARACTER AND PIN BADGES Collect "Sublime Stars" in the race to gain access to new characters, vehicles and gliders! Plus, a variety of pin badges can be earned by completing various "challenges" during the race.

Mario Maker editor review

Mario made this game easy and simple to get started, but this is for the official levels that come with it. Players really have everything made by themselves. Many levels are super perverted in difficulty, but it is still a very exciting game for players. challenge, come and experience it!


  • Mario Maker Homemade Level Edition
  • Mario Maker Homemade Level Edition