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Flying Soul Latest Version

Flying Soul Latest Version

  • size: 30.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.16.11
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 14:55:35


Flying Soul is a very simple game, the game players will have to control a ghost in this game, the game play is somewhat similar to the previous Flappy Bird, but this game on the basis of a lot of updates, like this game players come to download experience it! Still can bring you a very good experience!

Flying Soul Game Introduction

flappy bird is a free mobile game developed by independent game developers that is simple to operate but extremely difficult to play. The operation of flying soul is very simple, no complicated plot or operation skills, players only need to tap the screen to manipulate a ghost to avoid various obstacles in front of you. If the ghost touches the pipe, the game ends immediately, and the more difficult it gets, the higher the difficulty.

Flying Soul Handicap Gameplay

The game operation method is very simple, no complicated plot or operation skills.

The rules are also very simple, the game obstacles are more random, with a certain degree of challenge.

Maneuver a ghost to avoid all the obstacles in front of you, the more smoothly you pass the pipe, the higher your score will be.

Try to get 4 medals: bronze, silver, gold (hard), platinum (very hard)

Flying Soul game features

The game is drawn in pixel style, the picture is simple, but the game difficulty is very high, can bring a lot of fun experience to the players.

The operation is simple, easy to get started, playability is very high, only need to easily click the screen to play, but the rhythm is very important.

The gameplay is similar to Super Cat Rio, very interesting, only a little abusive, the difficulty is really a little high ah!

Flying Soul Game Advantage

Pixel Birds for Android needs to control the character through various obstacles, the game is very difficult

In the game, players need to give full play to their own ingenuity in order to pass the level.

Playability is very high, after playing once you will be addicted, simply can not stop.

Flying Soul Editorial Review

Flying soul this game looks very simple, but only after the real hands to know the difficulty of this game, and the later the more difficult, the game does not have the concept of props, players can only continue to improve their skills in order to become more powerful here, come to experience it!


  • Flying Soul Latest Version
  • Flying Soul Latest Version
  • Flying Soul Latest Version