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start with a sword

start with a sword

  • size: 114.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.01
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 11:11:06


A sword at the beginning is a very exciting adventure game. This game is exactly the same as the name. It starts with a sword, and the equipment depends on hitting. In this world of dungeons, you continue to take adventures. Collect materials to become stronger and stronger. Your own strength, so that you can make your growth path more exciting, and there are infinite copies waiting for players, come and experience it!

Opening a Sword Game Features

1. Super and super exciting combat adventure style gameplay, dungeon world, only continuous adventure and exploration can further improve;

2. By fighting bosses, you will get some rare materials, more materials on your mobile phone, so that your ability and combat effectiveness will be improved faster;

3. The road to growth will only become more and more exciting and interesting, and the challenge adventure mode will be more distinctive and more exciting!

Opening a Sword Game Highlights

The graphics of this game must be a little worse than the general game, but the game is better than the gameplay.

It has a very interesting solo battle gameplay, and it is very satisfying to be able to experience the fun of different single-player breakthroughs here.

The new PK arena gameplay can start a great battle with many players or NPCs, and it is very fair and just.

opening a sword gameplay

1. Place battles, simple operations do not need to be learned, players spend a lot of time worrying about the team lineup.

2. Level setting At present, the whole team will attack to clear the enemy's blood tank, and pay attention to the blood volume of your own team.

3. Unlimited equipment is randomly matched, and the effect of combination strengthening is amazing, but not every time there will be surprises.

The advantage of opening a sword game

1. The difficulty of the challenge is not too big. In the battle, take out your sword and fight with the opponent to complete the battle deployment task;

2. Easily defeat strong enemies and win the final game. In the face of many tests, players need to constantly fight and improve themselves;

3. The strength and combat power are warmly increased, and the battle with the evil dragon is going on all the time. In this dungeon world, players have been growing!

A sword at the beginning Xiaobian comment

This game is very good to play with a sword at the beginning. Although it looks a bit rough at first glance, the game is very good to play. I persuaded the party to quit the picture quality on the spot. To the core fun of the game, come download and experience it!


  • start with a sword
  • start with a sword