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San Andreas Believers Chinese Version

San Andreas Believers Chinese Version

  • size: 24.40M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v2.10.1602
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-22 09:56:17


San Andreas Believer Chinese version is a very realistic simulation of the open world game, this open world San Andreas game allows you to experience a variety of open world games similar to GTA on your cell phone oh. Come along and experience it.


San Andreas Believers Profile

The open world exploration of this game allows you to play with more freedom.

Complete our career missions to get more money and weapons.

You can experience driving, flying, shooting, fighting and other gameplay here.


San Andreas Believers Chinese version features

Dozens of mission levels.

Realistic physics collision effects.

Empty open world.

Realistic physics damage to cars when you crash.

Switch between main view and third person view to control.

San Andreas Believer Chinese version gameplay highlights

1、Mini levels;

2、Traffic mode;

3、Simulation instructions;

4、Open world;

5、Realistic car damage;

6、Precise physics;

7、Multiple control methods;

8、Different shots.


San Andreas Believers Newbie Tips

Mission Properties
Respect: High prestige allows you to recruit more men. Prestige is gained by destroying or doing tasks.

Endurance (Stamina): It determines the sprint time of running, cycling and swimming, and it is strengthened by constant movement.

Muscle (Muscle): It determines the agility and beauty of movements, and is an important indicator to attract certain women.

Obesity (Fat): It can increase the damage of the attack, while bringing inconvenience of movement. Eat more fast food can be enhanced.

Sexy (Sex Appeal): It will affect the attitude of women towards you. By changing clothing wear and hair style to enhance.

Architectural role
Dwelling (Safe House): It is the home of the protagonist, in which the disk can be recorded and the checkroom can be replaced with clothes and ornaments. There are many houses for sale in the game, the protagonist stands to the icon and presses Tab to buy.

Paint store (Pay'N'Spray): You can change the paint color to the vehicle and use it to escape from the police.

Mod Garage: You can install various components (such as gas pedals) on your car to improve its appearance and performance.

Barber store (Barbers): change the hair style and beard shape.

Tattoo store (Tattoo): Tattoo on the upper part of the main character.

Pizza store (Well Stacked Pizza Co)/fast food restaurant (Burger Shot)/roast chicken store (Cluckin' Bell): Buy food when hungry and may increase obesity.

Arena (Race): The place where the race car skills, open as the car skills increase.

Clothes Shop (Clothes Shop): You can buy hats, sunglasses, necklaces, clothes and pants, shoes, etc. You can change in the checkroom of each residence, and use it to increase the sexiness.

Fitness Gym (GYM): Free to exercise muscles and improve strength, and can learn fighting skills from the coach.

San Andreas Believer Chinese Version Review

San Andreas Believers Chinese version is a game that allows us to experience very similar to GTA, the open world on the phone can also be operated freely, very perfect.


  • San Andreas Believers Chinese Version
  • San Andreas Believers Chinese Version