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Medal of War International Service

Medal of War International Service

  • size: 73.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v0.11.3
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-17 14:34:08


Warpath is a shooting game launched by LilithGames, now officially online, players can feel the super shocking World War II battlefield on the cell phone, choose their favorite country and firearms for an exciting battle, the game also has a lot of interesting plot and a large number of online play, players who like World War II games come to download it!


Medal of War advantage

1, the game's story background is taking place during the Second World War, the story is very exciting.

2, the battle scene is very real, in the rain of bullets to fight.

3, you can use different weapons to fight, different weapons have different effects.

Medal of war gameplay

1、Real map, rich terrain, will bring players to more challenges of war;

2、Collect strategic resources on the large RTS map, allowing you to build your ace war troops;

3, experience carefully designed dozens of famous battles, take you to understand the classic story behind the Second World War.

Medal of War Description

Diversified gameplay plus a rich selection of troops

This game through strategy to pass

Modern history is also used as the background of the game

In this game you will also experience the battles again and again

Test whether you can make the best choice

Medal of War international service features

1、Excellent global PK mode, strategic layout to achieve the final victory, to build and refine their own ace army.

2, with different players to duel, always need to be vigilant, wonderful global battle, in the fire of war charge.

3、Battle for victory and peace, seize resources to train their own army, guard the territorial integrity of the country from invasion.


Medal of War Highlights

The game is based on real history and incorporates common battlefields from the real world, making the gameplay more realistic and the graphics more realistic.

Experience dozens of well-designed battles that take you through the classic story behind the Second World War, with the engine roaring, and lead your army to liberate the land!

With realistic maps, rich terrain, and a great visual presentation, the game has a close look at infantry weapons, tank models and other details.

Medal of War Features

General! See those evil enemies under the gas masks?

Alliance, war! The battlefield against evil is the place for heroes and heroines;

Training, rallying! The road to legend is the battle for the pinnacle of glory!

Cities with a history of destruction and the slaughter of unarmed civilians;

Medal of War Editorial Review

This game is one of the best World War II games on cell phones, the game is very rich in content, and there are a lot of interesting fun gameplay, can bring players a great shooting experience, like to download experience!


  • Medal of War International Service
  • Medal of War International Service
  • Medal of War International Service