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Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition

Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition

  • size: 294.14M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.3.0.15
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-16 14:35:27


Endless Galaxy is a game that allows you to experience a huge world and a vast universe on your cell phone, where you can build all kinds of interstellar cosmic warships, assemble our superb army, build our strongest interstellar fleet and explore the mysteries of the star area.


Endless Galaxy Introduction

This is a game that allows you to explore the universe and explore the endless universe.

There are all kinds of very strong star battleships here to enhance our comprehensive combat power.

Explore the mysteries of the star area, this game is enough for you to enjoy the rich universe combat.


Endless Galaxy 2021 latest version update content
Version content.

1、New paid login to receive the prize activity

2、Unite function support

3、New colorful rebate activities

4、New star exploration pass activity

5、New new service gift activities

6、New cross-services war play

7. Some UI updates

8. Chaos field activities are adjusted to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

9. New S-class battleship - Twilight of the Gods class

10. Increase the daily cap of goods exchange in the active store


Endless Galaxy Gift Code





1、Reward:After sending the exploration team and the team arrives at the target point to complete the investigation, you can get the reward

2、Legion bonus: You can click the "View" button at the exploration point to receive the credit bonus and send it to the legion members (legion channel).

3、 Siege event: This exploration point becomes a rally mode, players and other members of the guild will be able to receive a reward after they have successfully captured it.

4、 BOSS event: the exploration point into a rally mode, players and other members of the guild to launch a rally and successfully defeat the boss, all participants can receive a reward

5、Pirate event: the exploration point into the attack mode, the player himself launched an attack and win, you can get a reward

6. Donation event: players can launch a donation in the legion chat channel, legion members participate in the donation if the target, all participating players can get a reward.


Endless Galaxy civilian strategy

First of all, technology research

Technology research needs to be sustainable, other resources are not enough, but also can not stop technology research, the more research the more powerful the bonus.

The legion contribution is used to change the designated jump and acceleration, active coins are also used to change the acceleration, acceleration is used to speed up to 20 bridge, unlock the level 5 crystals, at this point you accelerate seconds about 100,000 5 crystals, and then go to fight others to grab resources, go to grab the same time let the legion high war for you stationed, others single collision you can not hit.

Next is to rob the legion

After the enemy rallies do not be nervous, take advantage of their unpreparedness, steal their resources.

If the other side assembled, at this time they must have no ships at home, use the detection function to obtain information, and then attack the other side resources, remember to open the protective shield to protect resources, this time the Avengers will not find you to fight.

Learn to store resources, after robbing the legion to return to the defense, and so after enough resources, all used to accelerate the storm level 5 crystals, after a few days of effort, a large number of crystals can even let you rush into the rankings.

Maintain the second build, need to participate in more activities. Building and Cambridge levels are recommended to maintain the same level. Mining with engineering ships, the rest of the ships at home on standby, there are as many queues to build how many engineering ships used for mining.

Then, let's talk about ship training

The first stage is not recommended to build S ships and training S ships, and the early pirate group to give too little material to train up.

It is recommended to train A ship in the early stage, and then decompose A ship later to train S ship.

When building crystals must not exceed the cap of the charging plant too much, or others hit you, you crystal depletion to the cap after the direct absence, some of you hard to bear it.

The last is the ship with it!

Usually a shield structure 4 war column, two shield structure three war column. When you can't use more resources, you must open the shield when you go offline, or you will be robbed of enough to make you suffer.

The daily store as long as the 2 points 50% discount must buy, refresh the source blood crystals must also buy, with the sunset guide ore and cast alloy buy each other and discounted must also buy.

The active store and legion store to buy the items you need is good.


Endless Galaxy Player Review

Endless Galaxy is a game that allows you to explore the interstellar universe. This game play is very shocking, which is to allow us to explore deeper into the universe, collect resources from various planets and complete our survival.


  • Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition
  • Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition
  • Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition
  • Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition
  • Endless Galaxy Handicap 2021 Edition