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Gehry Modules Mobile

Gehry Modules Mobile

  • size: 516.71M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v0.8.4
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-16 14:08:47


Gary module mobile version is a very fun free simulation assembly game. This game has been very hot on the end game, and the mobile version because of the language problem has not been a big fire up, today brought this version is to chase the wind Chinese version, so you can experience a variety of Chinese instructions, familiar with a variety of combinations it.


Introduction to the mobile version of Gary's Modules

You can play a variety of modules on your cell phone, and the gameplay is very free.

We can assemble various weapons, buildings, worlds and other elements.

You can also download various player creative mods from the store that comes with the game.

Gary's mods mobile version gameplay features

Everyone in this can make a lot of strange weapons, each player will have a different idea.

The game's weapons, NPCs, vehicles, and so on other props are all free to use.

It is this free mode, and the extremely rich game world, that will make everyone very much like.

Use your imagination to the fullest, build odd buildings in the map, set some new NPCs to liven up the world;

A very unique virtual open world adventure, feel free to add a variety of modules to make the whole game play more rich;

All the props are very complete, all the guns and weapons you want can be found here, and you can freely modify them.

How to add mods to the mobile version of Gary's mods

Mod use tutorial

For example, after the player has downloaded the weapons and characters (non-npc) material.

The first thing to do is to open the mod's folder and see if there is a file called info.txt.

1. There is

If there is, also look at the first line of text in the info.txt what is it?

If there is the word Addon

Then just put the whole folder of this mod (see clearly, the whole folder, not the files inside) into the hl2orangeboxgarrysmodaddons directory, and then let the directory of the info.txt file look like this

hl2orangeboxgarrysmodaddons[Mod name]info.txt

Then the installation is complete.

If there are other words like gamemodes, put this mod folder into the corresponding folder under the garrysmod folder.

2. No

Overwrite the contents of the mod folder to the folder with the same name as garrysmod.

Anyway, I don't recommend installing this kind of "dangerous" mods, it's troublesome to restore it if something goes wrong. You can write a info.txt yourself and follow the above, it's very simple.

Gary mod mobile version of the latest version of the content
v0.8.4 updated content.

Fix the ad pop-up error

Ads in menu only (there will be no ads in the game)

Updated generated menu looks more like the original menu (purely aesthetic for now, feature coming soon)

Compression (should be smaller now)

Added soundscapes to gm_bigcity

Fixed many bugs (wrong camera angle for cars in mcdonalds, water in gm_construct now takes up the whole area, etc.)

Gary Modules Mobile Player Review

Gary Modules Mobile is a very fun open world combo building game. In fact, this game is far more than just shooting, but also to experience a variety of very exciting action fighting, mech battle, hide and seek and so on play.


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