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gz crossfire single player version

gz crossfire single player version

  • size: 285.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v2.43
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-16 15:13:40


gz Crossfire standalone version is a handheld game adapted from the end game Crossfire, I am here to bring you the latest offline version, version number for the latest version 2.43, with the latest biochemical chase gameplay, players can and the rest of the 29 AI computer PK competition, very good, there are a lot of artifacts can be used directly Oh!


gz Crossfire Features

1, infinite jousting fingertip competition, for the operation of the content is not much, but for the pursuit of strength up operation gahaif within the need IE;

2, gun battle duel extreme counterattack, feel the new fun of the silk blood counter decapitation, new in the end ha destruction not hobby, try to try;

3, gun battle war fiery duel, influence PK strong war, super thrilling war adventure, make all kinds of weapons to finish responding to it;

Advantages of gz Crossfire standalone version

The stand-alone version can fight with computer AI without internet! It allows players to enjoy the joy of gunplay anytime and anywhere.

The weapons and equipment in the game can be used directly, and there are many good-looking skins, which is quite satisfying.

The super smoothness of the game is really good as it can become even smoother on the latest high refresh rate phones.


gz Crossfire Highlights

1, rich gameplay and will be constantly updated for all players, so you can experience the latest and most bloodthirsty battle;

2, all kinds of weapons and equipment can easily get, god-level weapons in hand, defeat all kinds of strong enemies;

3, the smoothness of the operation settings comparable to the end game to bring the most enjoyable shooting experience.


gz crossfire rating

1, biochemical zombies + giant boss, restore the real battlefield

In the biochemical island with the army of zombies coming from all sides of the bloody battle, giant bosses whistling incoming. Swallowed by fear, or fight for glory? Take you to the real world, the most thrilling battlefield experience the most shocking epic of war!

2、Personalized firearms + cool dragging skills, enjoy the superb sense of combat

The King's Heart, awm - magic dragon and a large number of legendary firearms, real ballistic calculation, recoil perfect simulation, bring the most realistic sense of combat. Each gun has exclusive skills, cool special effects at the touch of a button. Make up the most powerful arsenal and become the king of war with strong firepower!


gz Crossfire Editorial Review

gz Crossfire this game is very good to play, and the content in the game is still very diverse, can definitely give players a superb game experience, where you can also easily find a lot of memories of the previous Crossfire Oh! Players who like shooting games must come and play!


  • gz crossfire single player version
  • gz crossfire single player version