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Elemental Shuttle

Elemental Shuttle

  • size: 279.02M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.2.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 14:20:42


Element shuttle is a very fun simulation of 3D cartoon mech battle game, this game gives you a very rich mech shooting battle, 2021 new machine warfare century version, take you to the new world of element shuttle it.

Elemental Shuttle Introduction

This game cartoon style is very casual, play is very smooth.

There is also a very rich combat system here, using a variety of weapons shooting.

Explore the rich story and characters in the elements shuttle sure to make you fun.

Elemental shuttle game features

The game brings a super hot, hardcore body design. The game restores the core wargaming elements such as board walking, terrain positioning, attribute restraint, and long-range interaction and close attack.

With diversified skills, mechanic system, real-time PK, team competition, mech development and other special gameplay. Bring players a refreshing machine war experience.

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Elemental shuttle gameplay highlights

Hardcore wargaming, strategy and fun at the same time】

The core of the game is the classic wargame gameplay, while bringing elements of terrain map, mission limited requirements, combined with the attribute of the mecha phasing settings, players need to consider the strategy of movement, positioning, skill matching and release to complete the task with maximum efficiency. This game seamlessly integrates RPG, cards and SLG, bringing a different experience from classic wargames such as SRW, Fire Emblem, Royal Knights and Fantasy Simulation.

3D mecha, details and special effects exquisite presentation】

This work includes up to more than 100 bodies, mobile fighters and robots, using 3D modeling, SD mechs deeply restore the typical characteristics of the real and super series of bodies, while designing rich combat action, gorgeous skill effects, diversified core equipment, weapons, parts, if you are a machine war OG, mech fans are not to be missed!

[Group battle, experience social fun]

Real-time PK system, team copy, ranking tournament, ranking tournament, empire defense battle, friends to help the battle, alliance system to bring players a rich social experience, players VS players, masters of the duel, both brave to reach the duel mission, but also collaborate with each other, together to reach the time prison chapter, broken world chapter, reincarnation chapter, the moon of the people and other difficult hidden challenges.

 Original Plot, Immersive Adventure Experience

The game revolves around a science fiction story set in the second robot war G century, in which the player takes on the role of a commander, forms his own super robot mobile battle team, collects and cultivates bodies and pilot pilots, adventuring together, transcending the confines of the world, solving the crisis of the Earth and the universe, and growing up to become the king of machine warfare.

Rich and diverse systems and gameplay

 In addition to the main storyline, the game also has a wealth of gameplay, such as secret areas, genetic research institute, training camp, body manufacturing plant, bounties, etc., players can create more hidden elements in the world.

Elemental Shuttle Review

Element shuttle allows us to show their mech shooting experience, here you can operate a variety of mechs to fight Oh, there are many rich elements waiting for you to collect, complete our element shuttle.


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