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Peace Elite Cloud Games

Peace Elite Cloud Games

  • size: 15.69M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.11.13
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 09:36:24


Peace Elite Cloud Game is an independent app for the Peace Elite Cloud Game launched by Tencent, which can be downloaded directly and independently. The size is about 10-20M, which is very small and suitable for players with low configuration and insufficient memory.


Peace Elite Cloud Game Introduction

This is a download of the independent Peace Elite Cloud Game app launched by Tencent.

Here not only all can be experienced, the cloud game version does not affect the experience at all.

Small memory, easy to point and click, with the network you can play, the cloud game platform is waiting for you.


Advantages of the Peace Elite Cloud game

Online hacking, any time, any place, play instantly without waiting.

Multiple terminals can be played without lag.

Support virtual keyboard, Bluetooth link gamepad, low configuration machine can also play computer games.


Peace Elite game features

①Live map 100 people competition

Multiple large real-world maps, experience rich environmental changes, 100 people on the same field competition, with combat strategy and shooting ability to win the championship, strive for victory!

② Realistic scenes Extreme audio-visual
Unreal Engine 4 technology, mature detail rendering, large maps, realistic scenes, more detailed, more realistic!

Real 3D sound effects, high-fidelity real-time voice, feel the ultimate immersive experience!

③Fast operation Real ballistics
Real gun ballistics, excellent shooting feel, extremely easy to get started!

Dozens of real guns, real ballistic simulation of firearms, real throwing trajectory, a variety of accessories, a variety of melee weapons of physical combat, to bring players a sound combat shooting experience!

④ Abundant carriers Wild Ride
A variety of real vehicles, rich racing manipulation experience, perfect operation feel, more real than real!



The latest version of Peace Elite update

Island map newly upgraded to Island 2.0
1) New screen performance.

The sky, ground, sea water, vegetation and other comprehensive update, the picture is more realistic and delicate;

2)Building adjustment.

The structure of some buildings has been adjusted;

3) Large-scale resource point adjustment.

① Nuclear power plant area: nuclear power plant area redo, building structure layout update, more intensive resources, more changeable battle;

② Mining area: optimize the terrain structure, adjust the building layout, add 7 new large warehouses, increase the jump drop point, +1 for fielding options;

③ Prison area: terrain structure adjustment, more fences around the new, some building layout adjustment, let just gun more new options;

④ Other wilderness resources adjustment: increase a number of wilderness resource points;

4) New map elements.

New trenches, horses, abandoned tanks, engineering bunkers, to enhance the atmosphere of the island war, but also to make the field tactical options become more abundant;

5) Architectural structure changes.

Adjust part of the urban area structure, optimize the attack and defense experience, some buildings added basement, you need to use weapons to break the wooden door to enter;

More upgrade details, a new combat experience waiting for the special forces to discover and dig! Looking forward to seeing you in the "old place" of the new island!

New super high quality options

1) Only open to some high-end models, will be opened according to the performance of the models after stable operation;

Dragon Boat Festival limited time activities to play

Dragon Boat Play

1) During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can ride on the air-cushioned dragon boat and travel on the water and land, while participating in the dragon boat drumming game to accumulate energy, and you can also use the jet acceleration skill on the dragon boat;

2) Find dragon boats together with your friends, and you can also participate in races at specific locations on the map;

Note: This mode will be opened later, please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time, please look forward to it;

Creative workshop limited time play
1) Fire duel - Reloaded.

Firepower duel, a new upgrade! The vehicle is fully armed, new types of armed vehicles and helicopter gunships, experience the exciting firepower confrontation.

Fight for military positions and super weapons box, feel all kinds of heavy firepower weapons and new powerful props. You can also use the advanced communication tower to recall your eliminated teammates many times. New gameplay, double the excitement;

2) New armed vehicles.

Armed UAZ jeep, armed Dacia car, armed Buggy buggy, armed pickup truck;

3) New heavy firepower weapons.

AT4-A laser tracking missile, M202 quad rocket launcher;

4) New props.

UAV control terminal, single radar, explosion-proof clothing;

Note: Firepower duel mode does not count in the ranking score, the mode will be opened later, please pay attention to the official announcement, please look forward to;

Peace Elite Cloud game player reviews

Since the beginning of the cloud game platform is very concerned about the cloud game, and now also launched a separate version of the app of the Peace Elite cloud game, more so that we can directly enjoy the convenience of the cloud game, real open to play.


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