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Counter Terrorism Offensive

Counter Terrorism Offensive

  • size: 481.63M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.01
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 22:36:50


Anti-terrorist offensive this simulation in the cell phone first person shooting real game, this game uses a very realistic picture quality effects, a variety of firearms shooting up, the feel is also very good, come to complete our anti-terrorist offensive mission it.


Introduction to the Counter Terrorism Offensive

This game allows you to experience the superb shooting experience of Counter-Strike.

A variety of classic maps, so you can also go back in your phone and explore the world of counter-terrorism.

There are also a lot of gun handlers that are different, so go ahead and choose whatever you like to play.


Counter Terrorist Offensive game features


The battle belongs to the strong man and you join it, choose your favorite hero to meet the thrilling challenge, extreme survival to enjoy the adventure.

A wealth of weapons for you to choose, after the continuous battle to let you learn more combat skills, flexible response to each test.

Desperate survival experience a different hero adventure, a variety of weapons switch, in the battle to keep the spirit of high concentration!

Future technology-based shooting war game, take your character in this world to start shooting it, play a new style.

Super powerful battlefield screen, shoot to defeat the enemy again and again, and kill the enemy bravely in the battlefield.

Open unique battles, upgrade your weapons in one battle after another, then strengthen the battle power to become stronger.


Anti-terrorist offensive gameplay strategy


Pistol Recommendations

Pistol chapter.

1.USP silenced version (USP-S)

Damage: 35

Armor penetration: 50.5

Ammunition capacity: 12/24

(The following items are my own, unofficial, for reference only, the rating is C ~ S)

Accuracy: S-(single shot) A-(continuous fire)

Recoil control: A

Recommended level: S

Applicable distance: Mid-range / mid-close range

The USP silenced version is one of CT's basic pistols, and its extremely high close-range accuracy makes it a favorite among CTs. The basic damage is not low, in the pistol bureau hitting the head is almost instantaneous seconds, but if against the body armor may only be able to hit the unarmored half of the damage. Due to the small number of bullets in the magazine, generally used for head, fire suppression and the like or to the P2000 and FN57 it.


Damage: 35

Armor penetration: 50.5

Ammunition capacity: 13/52

Accuracy: A-(single shot) B(continuous fire)

Recoil control: A

Recommended: A-

Applicable distance: Medium to close range

Although the panel of the P2000 looks better than the silenced version of the USP, it actually does not perform as well as it should in the game. Accuracy is lower than the USP, so many of the warriors in the fish pond can't play the P2000 - but the gun is actually still powerful. But for some reason (at least I feel like it), this gun is not as comfortable to hit the head as the USP.


Damage: 35

Armor Penetration: 77.65

Ammunition load: 13/26

Price: $300

Accuracy: A-(single shot) B(continuous fire)

Recoil control: A

Recommended level: S-

Applicable distance: Near and medium

The P250 is often found on the field of play as a strong starter or eco gun. Since it has much higher armor penetration than the USP/P2000, the P250 can be used to kill enemies in seconds by hitting them in the head at close range. It is also commonly used as a sniper rifle. But for newcomers, it is better to add another two hundred dollars to start with more bullets and better use of the FN57.

4.FN57 (Five-seveN)

Damage: 32

Armor penetration: 91.15

Ammunition load: 20/100 (100 ah brother, this is not to buy?)

Price: $500

Accuracy: A (single shot) A (burst)

Recoil control: A

Recommended level: S-

Suitable for distance: medium to close range / medium range / medium to long range

91.15 armor penetration, higher than most of the long guns; strong start FN57 just head-on can be said to be completely not deficient long guns. Close range, medium and close range hitting the head are a shot, due to a large number of bullets spare, also do not need to consider the bullet will not play out of the problem. Newcomers to the use of this pistol, on the other head position has been pressing the left button on the line, you will find, how so many strong.

Counter Terrorism Offensive Review

Anti-terrorism offensive allows us to operate easily on the phone, but also to play a very perfect shooting experience, want to play more maps, you can challenge a variety of competitive matches Oh, come and finish it.


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  • Counter Terrorism Offensive