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Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting

Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting

  • size: 439.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 16:38:22


Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting is a new online science fiction zombie shooting game, in this game players will become a zombie hunter, in the world of zombie hunting, play very rich, and a variety of bloodthirsty combat experience, like the zombie theme of the game players can not miss this a very good game.


Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting game features

1, classic combat game to build your fortress of survival and find more resources so that you can persevere to victory.

2, extreme survival races occur from time to time, stimulating competition from time to time to move forward and deal with more powerful enemies without fear of risk.

3, players are free to choose the right weapons and find the right weapons to help you solve the difficulties.

Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting Game Highlights

1, realistic and realistic dark picture scenes, more panic and exciting confrontation in front of you, quickly find a way to fight freely with the zombie swarm behind you;.

2, it is also very relaxing and enjoyable to operate, not as monotonous as you think, be careful not to let them find your way of escape.

3, hurry up and fight these zombies to the end, your task is to enter a summer full of zombies, you need to get to the top and find something important.

Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting Game Review

1、This is the key to destroy all the zombies, you need to pass layers of zombies to reach the top, a variety of tasks and plots can bring you different passion and fun;.

2, many weapons and props can give you a lot of shooting fun, lifelike dark scenes, more intense and exciting duel will be presented to you.

3, quickly find a way to fight the zombies behind you, the operation is also very simple and happy, it is not as boring as you think.

Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting Editorial Review

Monster Hunter zombie shooting this game as a whole, the gameplay and level design are very good, there are many different weapons can be used, the only shortcoming is that the screen performance is slightly worse than the latest mobile masterpiece, but play is still very playable.

This game is not yet online, so stay tuned.


  • Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting
  • Monster Hunter Zombie Shooting