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Hero Shooting 666

Hero Shooting 666

  • size: 733.68M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v3
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 13:18:37


Hero shooting 666 this very casual simulation of the first person shooting game, where you act as a hero shooting a variety of monsters zombies or enemies, a variety of different maps can give you a different design experience it, there are more guns can be upgraded, come and download it.


Hero Shooting 666 Introduction

First-person shooting is very easy and simple, come and download to experience it.

To become a hero, we need to keep trying to destroy all kinds of monsters.

Super many levels, super many guns, your game experience must be rich.


Hero shooting 666 gameplay features


1, in the game players need to rely on their strong skills to kill those zombies, to get more gold.

2, there are many interesting ways to play waiting for players to try, and in the battle to show their extraordinary gun skills; it.

3, the defense zone need to create more powerful traps and organs, so as to make their own defense zone more secure.

4, in the game players also need to go to the armory with powerful firepower, from which to extract more weapons.

5, at the same time use those materials so that you can go to make more powerful firepower, so as to defeat those zombies;.


Heroes shooting 666 game highlights

1、The future of the world is in your hands. Let the adventure begin and end the endless end of the world.

2, with partners together can make their own in killing zombies at the same time, confidence, to rescue more survivors it.

3, close to their zombies to destroy all, the graphics design is very realistic, and the use of first-person perspective, so that players have a strong sense of immersion.

4、Are you ready to save the world? Please note that it is not easy, no one can help you, your most advanced hypersonic gun, only you.

Hero shooting 666 player reviews

Hero shooting 666 let us experience the first person hero shooting game well, this game style can be considered more sophisticated, and play very casual, suitable for killing time oh.


  • Hero Shooting 666
  • Hero Shooting 666