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Modern Air Warfare 3D

Modern Air Warfare 3D

  • size: 465.41M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v5.4.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 10:53:41


Modern air combat 3D this very realistic simulation of air combat 3D game, this on the cell phone can also present a very realistic 3D style air combat game, so you experience a variety of driving a fighter jet shooting feeling Oh, the game version is complete, the story content allows you to experience all the content.

Modern Air Warfare 3D Introduction

This is an air combat game with 3D painting style on cell phone.

Although the game has a small memory, but there are many ways to play, yo.

A variety of warplanes to choose from, pick a suitable fighter to start the air war.

Modern Air Warfare 3D gameplay features

Don't hesitate! This is the ultimate modern air warfare game that has been around forever!

New 3D HD hangar scenes, the strength of nearly 100 HD remake of modern classic aircraft such as J-20, J-10B, F-22, Su-57, F-35 fighters ...

Soar through the new generation of 3D HD scenes with retina display technology!

The ranked battle mode now has more exciting new ideas and supports powerful 4V4 team battles!

Invite your friends to team up and fight against enemy planes in adrenaline-pumping aerial adventures to dominate the skies!

Whether it's 4V4 team battles, 2V2 crew battles, or 1V1 solo battles, you can join over 10 million players worldwide in Modern Air Warfare 3D for an unprecedented, heart-pounding aerial battle!

Modern Air Warfare 3D game mode

The buddy system is officially open, invite your friends to cooperate against each other to play online.

Including: "4V4 Team Survival Race", "4V4 Capture the Flag" and "4V4 Base Defense".

In the fierce air battle, according to different tactical strategies to give battle orders, the whole team to attack the optimal firepower output, destroy the enemy base, seize the air supremacy!

The thrilling "8-man survival battle" and "8-man free melee" test the ability to control the rapidly changing battlefield and fight against the strong impact of individual enemy fighters.

Grow in the battle and master the flying skills! There is also a "free roaming" leisure mode, supporting the formation of fighter planes to perform smoke, perform aerobatic movements, and show a cool team style.

Modern Air Warfare 3D Player Review

Modern Air Combat 3D is a very fun air combat game, this game is very small, after downloading completely does not take up the phone memory, so it runs very smoothly, you can easily operate our fighter jets, an exciting hand air combat.


  • Modern Air Warfare 3D
  • Modern Air Warfare 3D
  • Modern Air Warfare 3D
  • Modern Air Warfare 3D
  • Modern Air Warfare 3D