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Future Action Battlefield Online Edition

Future Action Battlefield Online Edition

  • size: 70.50M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.1
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 16:39:07


Future action battlefield online version is a high quality fast-paced FPS game, this game focuses on the fast shooting experience, the game almost no plot, opening a gun, online directly cool, a variety of modes there is definitely one you will like, there are many modern and near-future weapons can be used, can be said to be the year 2021 FPS game a masterpiece!


Future Action Battlefield Features

1: exciting mode of play, a variety of role selection, to master more skills ability, to quickly combat the enemy.

2: play our strongest strength, destroy all the enemies, you can easily pass the success, there are many forms of combat.

3: to bravely try to help us to go smoothly over the success, enjoy the fun of more competitive combat it.

Future Action Battlefield Highlights

1: The graphics effect in the game is definitely the top of the handheld game, and various details are in place, and every update in the game has brought optimization of the gameplay and system above, from the initial version to now.

2: The experience of the game has undergone a radical change, with the player's specialization, more gameplay is unearthed, rich content, exciting plot and gameplay, are able to bring a very novel experience to the player.

Future action battlefield gameplay

1. In terms of content, the shooting style of play is used, but belongs to the online game, with a lot of multiplayer content, players can brush copies together.

2. perfect level system, with the player's level, and constantly unlock the fresh content, can bring players a very new experience.

3. super weapons is the core of which, using the equipment weapons all rely on brush play, as long as you can liver, you can get a variety of weapons.

Advantages of Future Action Battlefield Online

The online version, as the name implies, has online play, and the game can be played not only online over the Internet, but also online over a local area network.

The online gameplay is very diverse, including team competition, blasting, capture the flag, etc., but it would be nice to have Battle Royale.

The game's server quality is very high, basically there will be no latency and dropouts, and there is no need for gas pedals.

Future action battlefield editorial review

Future action battlefield this game is still very good to play, high-definition graphics, fast combat, although it sounds very simple, but want to give players a full range of fast experience or a little difficult, I personally still recommend you to experience the game!


  • Future Action Battlefield Online Edition
  • Future Action Battlefield Online Edition