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High school girls multiplayer survival online version

High school girls multiplayer survival online version

  • size: 89.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v121
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 11:48:13


High School Girl Survival Simulator (Japanese High School Girl Survival Simulator) is a very hot and fun shooting game, this game players will manipulate different high school girls to shoot, and some horrible monsters fight, the game content is still very diverse, and I bring players is able to online version, come to download and their friends together to hack it!


High School Girls Multiplayer Survival Profile

1、Use the scope in first-person mode to keep shooting, aiming, shooting

2、20 different realistic and perfectly animated weapons with many amazing features

3, Collect gold, jade, atheist and black gold coins to upgrade your power level and improve leaderboard score

4、High school girls multiplayer survival, now outbreak of countless wars, zombie attack is the biggest crisis

High school girls multiple survival advantage

1, online to kill all kinds of monsters, beware of zombie sneak attack, have more painful duel, free to start a new war.

2, high school life is so unique, free to explore different scenes, protect your classmates around.

3, the girls have super fighting skills, can easily kill all the enemies, have the most amazing shooting thrill.

4, let the girls to complete the adventure journey; shooting competition to play their own strength, unlock the most powerful weapons and props

High School Girls Multiplayer Survival Highlights

1、Zombies have different hit areas, resulting in different hit rates, such as head, torso, buttocks, thighs, arms, etc.

2、The zombie army is coming, grab your weapon to protect yourself from the battle and explore the duel to get numerous rewards.

3, and other female high school students online competition, enjoy the shooting process, to attack the school zombie swarm all destroyed.

4, and the most exquisite clothing dress up, so you look more lovely, free to dress up their appearance!


High school girls multiplayer survival online version descriptio

In this game, players can invite their friends into a room to start the game in the multiplayer option.

There is no PVP gameplay, this game only has PVE online play options, but the variety of PVE levels that can be played is also very diverse.

A large number of map scenes are available for players to freely choose from, and different scenes have completely different content to experience.

High School Girls Multiplayer Survival Play

1, you need to shoot these zombies, causing devastating damage and blow to them in order to effectively stop the attack

2, take up weapons to protect the school as the last stronghold, and constantly fighting

3、Experience the fun and exciting shooting gameplay, simple operation is easy to use


High School Girls Multiplayer Survival Editorial Review

High school girls multiplayer survival this game play feeling is a word - cool! Many different weapons can be used in the game, with weapons and monsters burst really is too cool, the game's characters are also wearing JK high school girls, can give you a very new experience.


  • High school girls multiplayer survival online version
  • High school girls multiplayer survival online version