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Reverse Legion Chinese Mobile

Reverse Legion Chinese Mobile

  • size: 81.96M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.1
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 11:38:13


Reverse Legion Chinese Mobile is a very realistic simulation of military theme game. This game allows you to shoot in first person perspective, very long and smooth to experience the feeling of shooting here. There are also very realistic firearms can enjoy the transformation of oh.


Reverse Legion Introduction

This is a shooting game that you can play on your cell phone. Simulate all kinds of military shooting.

You can also drive tanks, planes, cars and other vehicles in the scenes of this game.

Realistic simulation of the battlefield environment, complete the task you are the elite of the reversal of the army.

Reverse Legion gameplay features

◆Changing battle formations to reverse the situation in the fast-changing battle situation.

Tense and exciting real-time battles, win in the battlefield of a thousand people.

The most important game is to recruit and train your own generals, whether they are military generals or strategists;

◆Every player's troops are the most fundamental and basic force, as long as the foundation is here you have the opportunity to develop;

◆Fierce and magnificent legion battle, great heroes fight hard in the battlefield.

◆The game play mode has many forms, more involved in casual, competitive mode you can get more fun.


Reverse Legion weapon recommendation

Assault rifles.



Sniper rifles.

DL Q33, Kilo Bolt-Action.

The DL Q33 is very accurate, mobile and can come at any range to shoot the enemy when shooting from the upper chest.


KRM-262, BY15.

The KRM-262 is a gun that can shoot enemies from close to medium range and has good overall mobility.

Type in


The M4LMG can cause up to 31 points of damage at nearly medium range is indeed very fierce, the only drawback is the slow movement speed.



QQ9 is the best submachine gun in COD S9, with an extremely fast rate of fire and 25 points of damage, starting at close range.


Reverse Legion Player Review

Reverse Legion allows us to experience a variety of Reverse Legion games. Play the battlefield mode on your cell phone, be the commander to command your squad to fight and complete our shooting experience.


  • Reverse Legion Chinese Mobile
  • Reverse Legion Chinese Mobile