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Opie in the city unlimited gems version

Opie in the city unlimited gems version

  • size: 123.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.1.430
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-23 11:50:53


The city of Opie unlimited gems version is a very popular secondary casual game, players will have to use the water gun and the beauty of the girls to fight, play quite happy and interesting, but also into the content of similar galgame, and joined the extremely high quality of the plot, I am here to bring players the latest 2021 unlimited gems version, can be used to buy props and unlock the beauty of the girls at will, like the partners quickly download experience!


The city in the Opie unlimited gems version of the game description

This game is the latest version of 2021, now cracked, the game has a lot of modification options in addition to unlimited gems.

Note: This version can only be played offline, if you connect to the network to play it will appear unable to connect.

For some higher Android versions of cell phones, such as Android 11. may not be able to open the situation after installation, belongs to the crack technology reasons.

Opie in the city game features

1, the use of extremely beautiful and cool secondary animation style, the main characters to the image of beautiful girls, to give you a new visual stimulation;

2, the combat gameplay settings, operation is not very difficult to get started, you can need to carefully learn the location of each key to smooth combat;

3, the battle scene is also changing, super use of the terrain around the advantage can also help you in the battle quickly destroy the opponent.

Highlights of Opie in the City game

1, where you can go to the different beauty girl appearance changes, from hair to clothing.

2, to start different bonds, to go to the beauty of the girl to cultivate good feelings, to discover the different game play.

3、Unlock the most unique game fun we offer you, enjoy the experience and discovery of different game modes.


Opie in the city game strategy

Use gems to enhance all aspects of the girl's attributes and unlock more unique characters!

The game features cute and adorable girls who will fight alongside you. Through the beautiful city modeling, players will quickly integrate into the plot. There are many game modes waiting to be discovered by players!

Attention to detail will give you a greater chance to win, team up with other players and share the glory.

A new virtual control system with customization features is perfectly set up to take your combat experience to the next level.

There are also more water guns to help you fight more enemies more easily as you need to destroy them;

Take away their weapons and get more experience bonuses for each kill;

Newbie Q&A with Opie in the City

1、I have seen all the twisted eggs, except for the only other special grade how to get?

A: You can get through the prize pool rotation

2, only is not very weak, in addition to da da da da da da da cute can not beat people.

A: Only is very strong, but do not underestimate her

3, this game has what hang? Many times I was beaten inexplicably.

A: There are hanging sometimes there will be game bugs, very card


City of Opie Editorial Review

The city of Opie this game is still very innovative, and the game of the girl's drawing is quite exquisite, and smooth and realistic action, see the production team in this game how much work, like the players quickly download experience it!


  • Opie in the city unlimited gems version
  • Opie in the city unlimited gems version