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Goat Glory 5v5 game

Goat Glory 5v5 game

  • size: 31.87MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: V0.3
  • type Venture through
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 15:26:00


Sheep and goat Glory 5v5 game" is an animation adaptation of the RPG adventure game, the game uses a clear pixel wind design, the Player can be through the Role of continuous adventure, the game play is very free?

Sheep and goat glory 5v5 game handicap features

1, the adventure process, the need for players to constantly break through. The wonderful story is very attractive.

2, the simple pixel wind is very pleasing, every corner of the grassland is available for players to explore.

3, the game is very free, players will enter a magical grassland, players have to make their own choices.

Sheep and goat glory 5v5 game hand game highlights

1、Unknown events

Players encounter all things are unknown, different perspectives will encounter different events.

2、Familiar characters

There are very familiar characters in this grassland, players can choose their own identity first.

3、Diverse plots

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and other people to choose, different characters will produce different stories in this world.

4、Adventure play

There will also be different solutions to events, the player makes a choice will also change.

Goat glory 5v5 game handicap review

1, the game uses the animation style character image design, players can continue to explore the adventure in this world.

2, of course, it depends on the player's own choice, and then start to explore the world from the perspective of their own characters.

3, every day there are different stories happen, very wonderful. More events can be unlocked, feel the freedom.

4, the player can freely change the character's clothing, very free. More characters can be unlocked through the plot.


  • Goat Glory 5v5 game
  • Goat Glory 5v5 game
  • Goat Glory 5v5 game
  • Goat Glory 5v5 game