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Light encounter version 0.7.2

Light encounter version 0.7.2

  • size: 147.78MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: V0.7.5
  • type Venture through
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-25 09:12:18


Light encounter 0.7.2 Version" is a super healing open world adventure game, the game has a lot of scenes can be adventurous, new flowers rest festival exciting activities, Players can explore different level scenes, feel the fun of adventure, interested players come to 55 hand swim free download it!

Light encounter 0.7.2 version of the game features

1, the game supports multiple people at the same time, different levels of adventure with, operation will be extraordinarily real fun.

2, any area to explore the adventure, the operation brings the best adventure atmosphere challenge, attracting the player's desire for continuous exploration.

3, the new adventure feeling to the player, beautiful painting style and wonderful plot these are very good, skilled to carry out more.

Light encounter 0.7.2 version of the hand game highlights

1, harvest to a large number of rich items and rare props, will this sky city within the various secret areas are unlocked.

2, the player is able to enjoy the adventure of this sky city, the game within the atmosphere of the breakthrough is also need to be a good match.

3, in addition there are many different challenges are waiting for players to open, feel the most free adventure exploration journey.

4, a number of areas within the game will give the player's feeling, for the player will seem unbeatable freedom.

Light encounter 0.7.2 version hand game review

1, the game opened when the daily day after day running map, because to catch up with progress, is once a week replica, to old life.

2, gradually began to be tedious, from just beginning not to understand, to see the tutorial video learned, and then feel alone very lonely.

3, the secondary style of painting and character landscape will give the operator a fresh feeling. For the player are having fun operating.

4, play more challenging tasks of high difficulty, many novelty of combat, exciting exploration plot to the player said are constantly aspiring.


  • Light encounter version 0.7.2
  • Light encounter version 0.7.2
  • Light encounter version 0.7.2
  • Light encounter version 0.7.2
  • Light encounter version 0.7.2