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Guts and Glory Mobile

Guts and Glory Mobile

  • size: 431.34MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: V1.0
  • type Venture through
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-04-05 11:58:44


Guts and Glory is a very magical sadistic game, the game uses the 3D mode to break through the way to build, the game play is similar to the death wheel game, where your main task is to send your son to the cemetery, the game play is very simple, the regular adventure process is very sadistic, each obstacle blocking your way, hurry over to download it!

Guts and Glory cell phone version of the game features

1、Survival mode

A variety of mode challenges, different map tasks are very dangerous, the purpose is to reach the end, survive.

2、Bike mode

Players use their own bicycles to send their sons to the grave, in the process there will be a variety of obstacles.

3、Adventure mode

Driven by the physics engine, more can go to experience full of 3D action adventure game, very exciting and powerful.

4、Deadly battle arena

In the face of different scenes, players can go to the challenge, to bring a better form of adventure and breakthrough.

5、Rich plot mission

By doing the form of the task can give you to go on an adventure, more can go to bring a new way to play the battle, very exciting.

Guts and Glory mobile highlights

1、Friends exciting and deadly map, need flexible reaction and hand speed to open the adventure.

2、Vehicle system and characters 100% physics driving, to achieve real-time splitting and dynamic vehicle damage technology.

3, in any mission, you household found each bleeding, dismemberment and car accidents, the player needs to avoid the situation.

4, the adventure process, the player needs to avoid obstacles, to avoid their own death and start over.

5, each scene is a separate event, you can find a variety of novel ways to play, to bring you different surprises.


  • Guts and Glory Mobile
  • Guts and Glory Mobile
  • Guts and Glory Mobile
  • Guts and Glory Mobile
  • Guts and Glory Mobile