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Lost Light

Lost Light

  • size: 1.9M
  • platform: android
  • Version: 3.4
  • type Venture through
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-08-02 16:44:52


Lost Light is a 3D ARPG in which you will join the Firefly Vanguard, one of the last shelters for humans in the blockade. Your goal, first and foremost, is to survive in this harsh environment. To do this, you can risk quitting alone or cooperate with other players in various alliances.

At first glance, Lost Light seems like just another third-person shooter. However, it is actually much more complex. For one thing, the scenario is large enough that you can explore it completely at will, either on foot or in different vehicles. Also, one of the most important aspects of the game is the shelter. Using the resources you get while playing, you can build and upgrade your own base, where you can rest and store all your treasures.

Another thing that makes Lost Light stand out from other games of its kind is the interaction with other players. While you can attack anyone you see on the screen, you can also choose to ally with them. You can even save the life of a wounded player, create a temporary alliance, complete a particularly difficult objective, and then say goodbye. The concept of friends and enemies is fluid in Forbidden Zone.

Lost Light is another promising release from NetEnt that is similar to Smash, but with new gameplay and more ambitious goals. As with other multiplayer games, only time and a stable player base will determine how successful it will be. That said, Lost Light has all the necessary ingredients to become a huge success.


  • Lost Light
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