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Highway 86

Highway 86

  • size: 96.02M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.988
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-19 18:03:49


Highway 86 is a very fun game to simulate driving a car. This game allows you to drive a variety of different styles, different performance cars to experience, in the 1980s Florida to have a driving experience.

Introduction to highway 86

This game is very real and nostalgic. All kinds of styles let you enjoy driving.

There are a lot of playing modes. You can play if you want to race or relax.

The complete game can let you drive endlessly, and the picture is also very real.

Driving features of highway 86

Welcome to Florida interstate86, a lightweight driving game whose goal is to drive into the sunset as long as possible.

Earn points by collecting cartridges and dangerous driving at the same time. Energetic noon sunset lighting system, a variety of colorful retro sports cars and synthetic waves.

The cold wave soundtrack ensures that every journey into the 1980s fantasy sunshine state is unique.

Highlights of road 86

A large number of different kinds of roads need you to get familiar with the curves as soon as possible, and you must ensure your own safety.

The high-quality description environment feels very good, and the virtual control driving mode is good.

After entering the plot, make sure that every journey into the 1980s fantasy sunshine state is unique.

The delicately produced screen display effect gives people an immersive experience and smoothly completes more driving tasks.

A large number of driving tasks can be unlocked at any time to carefully understand the road conditions in all places.

The background music is very good and can make you relax. The main purpose is to let you relax.

Introduction to road 86

More vehicles can be unlocked and acquired continuously in more tasks, which is super exciting.

You need to constantly improve your driving skills to win more races.

Cool models fill your garage, and racing fans or collectors can be satisfied.

Enjoy a real racing experience with super realistic 3D racing models and track scenes.

Super smooth driving experience, real racing collision effect, super realistic driving experience.

Comments on highway 86

Highway 86 lets us return to Florida in the 1980s to play the driving game. The very real picture is more exquisite, and the aftertaste tone is more and more addictive. Come and finish our driving.


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