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Extreme football

Extreme football

  • size: 68.40M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v5024
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 15:41:13


Extreme football is a newly launched mobile football game. Players can experience a very exciting fast-paced football game here. The game greatly simplifies the mobile platform, making it easier for players to play. There are many interesting clothes in the game that can be unlocked, and there are also many interesting modes. Players who like football games must not miss it!
Extreme football
Introduction to extreme football game

-Play real-time three-on-three football games with friends from all over the world!

-Multiplayer football mobile game, fast game progress!

-Player unlocking and collection: all players have inherent personal skills and know-how.

-Support one to one, two to two and three to three!

-Challenge the upstream ranking globally or regionally!

-You can create or join a club with your friends, share secrets and play games together!

-Dress up after collecting a variety of skin!

Extreme football
What about extreme football Android flash back?

There are three main situations when Android mobile phones are playing this game. Xiaobian will introduce it to you here.

1. The mobile system version is too low. The minimum version of this game is Android 8.0. If it is lower than this version, you can't play!

2. If the mobile phone is not connected to the network, the network connection will be checked when the game is started. If it is not connected, it will also flash back.

3. Google framework is not installed on the mobile phone, which can be installed through go Google installer "click here to download

Extreme football game features

1. You can try more interesting competitive modes and new playing methods, and the exciting challenges are addictive.

2. The real 3D shady arena, shuttle through it, cooperate perfectly with your teammates, and win various competitions together.
3. You can also choose various costumes for the characters. Different fashions are very exquisite, which can bring the bonus of various attributes;
Extreme football
Highlights of extreme football games

1. The scenes in the game are very realistic, and there will be very strong cheers in the audience, which is very real;

2. Football is a team competition, and every player needs to cooperate, so that he can defeat more opponents;

3. Players need to make their team stronger and complete more challenges step by step;

Extreme football series evaluation

Extreme football is still very different from old football games such as FIFA live football. The game focuses on the fast-paced game experience, and the game screen is very exquisite. It also adds a lot of fashionable clothes that will not appear in ordinary football games. Is it very grounded, so that more players can like it? Come and experience it!


  • Extreme football
  • Extreme football