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Plants vs Zombies 1

Plants vs Zombies 1

  • size: 105.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.9
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 16:29:51


Plants vs. Zombies 1 old version 2018 is a super classic tower defense game, the editor brings you the last updated version in 2018, and it is the original version, without any modification and messy content, the feeling is the purest Plants vs. Zombies, recalling the past happiness, like to play this game. But can't find a suitable version of the player, come and experience it.

Plants vs Zombies 1

Plants vs. Zombies 1 Features

1. The classic tower defense gameplay will definitely make you addicted to it, and all kinds of plants are very useful;

2. When planting plants, you must pay attention to the matching, some plants work together very well;

3. There are not only offensive types of plants, some plants such as potatoes have good protection ability.

4. Guard your garden and don't let any zombies approach, can you do it?

5. The tower defense gameplay is very exciting, preventing all kinds of zombies from approaching your manor;

6. Be careful of those mutant zombies, they have very powerful special abilities.

Plants vs. Zombies 1 Highlights
1. Familiar with music and familiar scenes will give you the most classic gaming experience

2. Day and night mode, different strategies and gameplay

3. A variety of casual puzzle games, combining tension and relaxation

4. Endless mode, see how long you can last

5. Garden mode, grow your own plants and zombie aquarium

Plants vs. Zombies 1 old version 2018 mode
survival mode

The gameplay is the same as the exploration mode, but the player will continue to use the line of defense established in the first level to survive a certain number of rounds.

explore mode

Players can understand it as a story mode, so that the difficulty of the game will gradually increase according to different scenes and weather, and various modes and items will be unlocked.

puzzle mode

There are two types of levels, the first one just keeps increasing the difficulty of the game, and the second one lets players play the role of zombies.

mini game mode

Mainly those small games that once appeared in the exploration mode, unified for players to replay.

Plants vs Zombies 1 editor review
Plants vs. Zombies 1 is a classic game. I believe many players have played it before, but now the original resources on the Internet are too hard to find. I have been looking for it for a long time and bring you this game. Download and experience it now.


  • Plants vs Zombies 1
  • Plants vs Zombies 1