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Hundred Battles Three Realms 2

Hundred Battles Three Realms 2

  • size: 202.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 13:08:05


Hundred Battles Three Realms 2 is a very exciting fantasy Xianxia game that allows you to occupy the three realms of human, god, and demon. You can freely swim in the three realms and challenge all kinds of masters, gods or demons. Players who like to challenge the three realms must not Don't miss this Xianxia game of Hundred Battles and Three Realms.

Introduction to Hundred Battles Three Realms 2
The Three Realms are free to gallop, and you can explore all the scenes in the Three Realms.

You can also learn all the special skills and fighting styles in the Three Realms.

Harvest all kinds of top-quality equipment, improve your attributes, and become the strongest God of War.

Hundred battles and three realms 2 gameplay features

--- Surprise activities, free ingot welfare

---Complete the designated bosses, tasks, etc., drop ingot red envelopes, recycle and send ingots!

---Exclusive privileged boss, god equipment drops constantly

---From tier 0-13, there are exclusive bosses that can be played, and the bosses drop at a high level, and the gods can enjoy non-stop!

---Single pk, martial arts competition, faction hegemony

---PvP-based gameplay, the position of headmaster, faction affiliation, cross-border struggle, the strongest can be crowned as Immortal Venerable, unifying the three worlds

---Leisure activities, a paradise for scattered people

---Leisure-based gameplay, treasure chests, discount merchants, equipment trading, ingot recycling, mining and fishing, etc., and get rich rewards at the same time as leisure!

---Various shapes, gorgeous and dazzling skills

---All kinds of mounts, immortal sacred instruments can be transformed, exquisite fashion, domineering magic weapons, in your hands

---Prosperity wedding, exclusive love copy

---Free luxury weddings, prosperous weddings are celebrated all over the world, and there are exclusive common skills such as fairy babies, husband and wife, and let you experience the endless fun of the fairy world!

Hundred Battles Three Realms 2 Game Highlights

This is a magnificent and exquisite world of cultivating immortals in the East, where you can experience the life of all immortals.

As the protagonist, you will play one of them. You will start from the immortals and choose your profession freely. Your choice will determine the camp of the sect.

In it, you can experience the endless fun of life. If you like PVP, whether it is single player competition, the strongest first person, or martial arts competition, sitting in the position of headmaster, or camp struggle, cross-border hegemony, group-based The fighting faction of the Lord can satisfy you.

And if you want to experience the leisure life of Sanxian, there are also mining, fishing, double social dating copy, achievement system, etc., to experience all kinds of life.

From immortals to immortals, ascending all the way, dazzling super skills, magic weapons fighting the sky, super dazzling big wings, beautiful fashion, cross-server competition king road, the ultimate mysterious journey, invite you to join us Get up and fight!

Hundred Battles Three Realms 2 Player Reviews

Hundred Battles Three Realms 2 is the most beautiful experience in the fantasy world of Xianxia. This game can also be hung up, upgraded after hanging up, and can automatically fight monsters when placed. It is very easy and convenient, and you can also operate and explore the scenery of the Three Realms by yourself.


  • Hundred Battles Three Realms 2
  • Hundred Battles Three Realms 2
  • Hundred Battles Three Realms 2
  • Hundred Battles Three Realms 2
  • Hundred Battles Three Realms 2