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Promise Sword Sect BT version

Promise Sword Sect BT version

  • size: 266.26M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 10:45:20


Promise Sword Sect BT version is a game that allows you to experience swordsmanship in the fantasy world. This game tests your swordsmanship very much. The operation determines the smoothness of your release skills. It is very fun and challenging. When the game is online, various welfare packages are also given to make you level up faster.

Introduction to Promise Sword Sect
The world where swordsmanship decides everything, come and join us.

There are also many benefits on the line, so that novices can play this fantasy game.

There are also many professions in swordsmanship, come and play your personal style.

Wuji Jianzong BT version online gift package

★Enter the game to get: vip5, 18888 ingots, 880,000 gold coins;

★The recharge ratio is 1:200, and the first rebate is 4 times of any amount;

★Login can also receive privileged rewards, out-of-print titles and various noble privileges waiting for you to experience;

★You can get a lot of ingots when you go online, go online every day, get them every day, you can't stop at all, and you can get double ingots when you activate the privilege

★Any first rush will give you top red outfits and top beauty to help immortals;

★Seven-day login gifts, top mounts and out-of-print pets are free to receive;

Wuji Jianzong BT version recharge gear package

One-day accumulative charge

During the event, a total of 328 yuan will be recharged: Hongyan EXP Dan*150, Mount EXP Dan*150, Spirit Pet EXP Dan*150, Purple Card Gift Pack*5

During the event, the accumulated recharge is 648 yuan, Hongyan experience Dan * 300, experience Dan * 300, pet experience Dan * 300, orange card package * 4

During the event, the accumulative recharge of 1,000 yuan will be rewarded with Red Face Experience Dan*500, Mount Experience Dan*500, Spirit Pet Experience Dan*500, Level 5 Gems*2, Netherfire White Tiger*2

During the event, the accumulative recharge of 3,000 yuan will be rewarded with magic weapon quenching stone*20, magic weapon love pill*5, level 7 beauty equipment*1, dark mood*3, orange card package*8, Qin Xingxuan*1

During the event, a total of 5,000 yuan will be recharged: Magical Treasure Quenching Stone*30, Magical Love Pill*10, Level 7 Beauty Equipment*2, Dark Mood*5, Orange Card Gift Pack*10, Purple Jade Bottle*2

During the event, the accumulative recharge of 7,000 yuan will get fashion tempering stone*40, divine outfit fragment*15, amethyst divine pattern*5, amethyst experience pill*20, red card package*3, Mu Qianyu*1

Wuji Jianzong quick upgrade strategy

1. Follow the main task

With the progress of the main quest and novice guide, players can gradually become familiar with the game operation, understand the location of the function buttons, etc. Each new function can only be opened after completing the corresponding main quest. The main mission can provide a lot of upgrade experience, which is the best choice for upgrading! Not only that, the switching of game plots and scenes will also unfold one by one with the main mission, and a bloody storm is about to sweep the whole world!

The copy of experience

Killing the enemies in the dungeon within the specified time can get a lot of experience, three times a day, when the card level is out of the main line, you can choose to brush the experience dungeon, so the income is the highest, but also pay attention to your own level before entering. There are a total of experience dungeons The 5th gear is 30 40 50 60 70 respectively.

3. Running the ring task

Daily tasks, a total of ten rings will reward a lot of experience. Friends who have conditions suggest that one-click double completion can save upgrade time.

Fourth, branch tasks

As the level increases, different side quests will appear. A side quest has almost 6 rings, and you can click for additional rewards.

5. Circular tasks

There are a total of 200 quests in the weekly ring, and the quest is reset at 0:00 every Monday. It is not only rich in experience, but also has gems and intermediate attributes. After receiving the quest, you can not give up and complete it twice with one click.

6. Lingbao Guard

Each person can protect Lingbao up to 5 times per day. Lingbao guards can obtain a certain amount of experience, copper coins, military exploits, primary attribute pills, intermediate attribute pills, and advanced attribute pills. The higher the Lingbao level, the more rewards. Become a VIP to purchase additional Lingbao Guard times.

7. Demon Rebellion

Specially hang up the monster map, complete the 37-level main quest, and you can enter it all day. After the cumulative time in the scene reaches 30 minutes, you will not be able to enter again on the same day.

Wuji Jianzong player reviews

Promise Sword Sect allows us to show our swordsmanship to the fullest. Swordsmanship is very important in this Xianxia game. When I fight in this game, I can feel that the movements are very beautiful, gorgeous and smooth, and the connection skills are very good.


  • Promise Sword Sect BT version
  • Promise Sword Sect BT version
  • Promise Sword Sect BT version
  • Promise Sword Sect BT version
  • Promise Sword Sect BT version