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Mountains and Seas Scroll

Mountains and Seas Scroll

  • size: 337.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-13 09:47:29


The latest version of Shanhai Tuju is a very fun Xianxia mobile game. All kinds of battles are waiting for you. It is very exciting and free to practice. Become a strong person in the Xianxia world, kill various bosses, you can get Super powerful equipment, as well as the online and offline automatic hang-up function, can allow you to quickly upgrade and become the strongest knight, come download and play with me.

Features of the latest edition of Mountain and Sea Scroll
1. Combine different props to enhance your attributes. The stronger the props, the greater your strength;

2. Unlock powerful costumes freely, match different clothes to make your image more domineering;

3. The team copy allows players to practice together with other masters. The stronger the team, the easier it is for you to practice.

Highlights of the latest edition of Shanhai Tu Scroll
1. The fairyland battlefield brings different battles. As the player's level increases, players can take risks in more advanced dungeons;

2. The most flexible attack can be released freely. The stronger the skill the player has, the more damage you will deal. Improve the skill level to help you become stronger;

3. Gorgeous and cool moves make the battle process more shocking, and release different moves to make the whole scene more gorgeous.

Advantages of the latest version of Shanhai Map
Every day in the game, the new area will send VIP, send the best red martial arts, and the whole market can trade freely! Devour alien beasts, and the ancient monsters will evolve randomly;

One day, 200 levels can easily cultivate immortals and become kings, smashing the battlefield of the Three Realms, enjoying the super pleasure of being worshipped by thousands of people, and developing in multiple lines;

Online PK animal capture for all players on the server! Collect equipment artifacts, and enjoy your own cool image; unpredictable dungeon missions.

Comments on the latest version of Shanhai Scroll
The latest version of Shan Hai Tu Scroll is very cool to play. In the romantic fairy world, you can also find your own love and achieve your perfect marriage. There are all kinds of joys, cool battles, and free choice of occupations. You experience the thrill that the Xianxia world has never had before, and there are many maps waiting for you to explore, which is full of fun, let's fight together, and various beautiful battles are opened.


  • Mountains and Seas Scroll
  • Mountains and Seas Scroll
  • Mountains and Seas Scroll
  • Mountains and Seas Scroll